About Lori

As a girl, Lori enjoyed the following:

Writing obsessively in her Hello Kitty Friendly Diary.
Slush Puppies.
Envisioning herself married to Mick Jagger.
Her Speak n' Spell.
Sneak-eating meatballs in her grandparent’s kitchen.
Boys, boys, boys.
Make up, lotions, cosmetics, potions, product.

As an adult, Lori enjoys the following:

Writing obsessively on her blogs.
Envisioning herself married to Mick Jagger.
Her iPad.
Sneak eating meatballs in the privacy of her own home.
Her two kids -- boys, boys, boys.
Make up, lotions, cosmetics, potions, PRODUCT.

Once Upon a Product started out as a little baby beauty blog.

I still love to write product reviews telling you about the lip gloss that could change your life. But I've also found that people love a good story, a relatable story. An “I wore that Bubblegum Kissing Potion/Forenza Sweater/Colors by benetton perfume too” story or a “my world came to an end when my boyfriend broke up with me/I lost my gold name plate necklace/I crashed my dads car for the 3rd time too” story.

Heartfelt testimonials and a mortifying walks down memory lane are funny.
And sad. And we've all been there.

I spent my pre-teen/teenage years in New York and Florida during the late 70's/early '80's.
Life was just bigger back then -- bigger hair, big shoulder pads, big drama.

I've received a lot of great feed back ranging from “I love you for being so honest about the ugly truths of being a woman, seriously, thank you.” to “I can’t wait to try that under eye concealer you wrote about.” 

I love make up. I'm kind of obsessed with it. 
I also love writing and sharing stories of my trials and errors with makeup. And life.
Slap on some lip gloss and let's get going.

I also blog for The Huffington Post, write for Like Totally '80s and my son Sam draws the music hits of the 1980's on our website, Drawn to the '80s.