Monday, September 9, 2019

Scenes From A Formal Living Room

Tampa, Florida in the 1980’s -- what a time and place for a teenage girl to be alive!

Our family moved from New York to Tampa and we now had luxuries we hadn’t before:

A pool.
A formal living room.

The living room was a place you entered on only two occasions:

To vacuum.
To get your picture taken.

Here are some of my favorite photos from my living room, the room that no one really ever lived in. 

My BFF Susie and me entered several Lip Sync contests at the local teen nightclub. Here we are getting ready to go sell “Baby Love” by Regina.

First day of school photo. I really liked teal. My parents really liked brass.

Here’s a good look, nice by the grandfather clock.

Some formal shots before my dates arrived with mom, and awesome cat head shirt.

The years went by. Nothing changed in the living room except my hair.

Birthday gifts were opened in the living room. Here I am getting a Sony Watchman television.

Sometimes I liked to pretend I was a model.

And here is one more. It’s not in the living room but it should have been.