Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Just Peachy.

Remembering the colors of the 1980’s the train in my brain stops at the usual places.

Fluorescent pinks. Various shades of turquoise and aqua. That purple that only existed for a brief moment in 1984.

But there was one totally ‘80s color that I had forgotten about until this floral arrangement was delivered to my office today.

The flowers woke up a memory of an outfit so clearly I could almost feel the fabric and smell the Colors by benetton perfume I'd spritz on top of it.

Peach overalls! Layered over a cutesy Outback Red top, topped off with a matching scrunchie no one would ever see, but I knew it was there.

Le sigh.

I’d forgotten that peach was kinda huge back in the day. And since it was the ‘80s it wasn’t a light, pastel peach. It was a milky peach. A loud peach. It was the brightest shade of peach it could be before morphing into neon-peach, which exists only in my dreams and on Brooke Shields.

Thinking about that cutesy peach overalls number led me to remembering this other get up which you may call a peach nightmare, but I call awesome.

Funny how when I was much younger I embraced the trashy-business-woman look with this beloved peach skirt paired with burnt toast colored nylons and cheapo white pumps. Merry Christmas!

Just like the fluorescent pink, turquoise and that elusive 1984 purple, you really don’t see a ton of peach out there in the fashion world today. I’m hoping it makes a giant comeback. When it does I’ll wear it.

Maybe not in overall form. But I’ll totally wear it.