Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pretty in Pink - 30th Anniversary Screening

This year for Valentine’s Day, my husband got me the most romantic gift in the world:

In honor of Pretty in Pink's 30th (gulp) anniversary the movie was showing in all its glory across the country on the big screen once more.

So here’s the deal … even though I've seen Pretty in Pink 900 times, seeing it on the big screen again I was able to catch a few things I had either forgotten or just not noticed before. Like:

Opening Credits.
Let’s start off by saying I could still watch Andie get ready for school all day. Or maybe forever. And so what if watching her choose earrings while Psychedelic Furs blares in the background made me cry. Don’t judge me.

Stunt Duckie.
Heartbroken following Andie’s date with Blane, the Duck Man takes out his frustration by angrily riding his bike around Chinatown. I laughed out loud for the first time in the theatre noticing this obvious stunt Duckie, showing off his mad skills popping wheelies, spinning the front tire around and his grand finale of standing on the bike seat. All while not trying at all to hide the fact that he is in no way Jon Cryer.

Dancing Guy.
I totally remembered the dancing guy in the prom scene but seeing the dancing guy in the bottom left corner on the big screen was a treat. Dancing guy!

James Spader is the most beautiful high-school-man in the world.

I am Iona.
When Andie and Iona are sweetly slow dancing Andie tells Iona, “You're gonna OD on nostalgia.” Ummm, that's me. Right now. In my life. It made me want to make my hair gigantic, put on some acid was jeans and slow dance with a young lady friend to "Love Bites."

So yes, my itch was scratched and I laughed and cried. I could go on and on...when Duckie went into the Tenderness routine I was convulsing in my seat trying to hold in a full body ugly cry meltdown.

See, I told you, now I’m Iona -- not pearls and a blazer going on a date with the pet shop guy Iona.
Can't I stay "Cherish" beehive Iona a little longer?

I’m the older one. I'm OD-ing on remembering what I felt when I experienced this glory for the first time. 

And that's okay. Beehive Iona feels like a good place to be.