Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Shea, shea, shea what you want.

Like most 20-somethings in the 1990s, I was very busy going to Blind Melon concerts, eating boxes of Teddy Grahams and watching Beavis and Butt-Head on a loop.

I was also very busy wearing essential oils from The Body Shop.

The Body Shop is where my quest to always smell like baked goods began; my friend Molly and I would go there and buy little, round glass bottles of vanilla oil, which they've since discontinued.

Now I've seen a lot of products come and go but I have to say, I've never been so torn up over a loss like this. 

I tried to be cool like other girls when I replaced my signature vanilla with their "White Musk" oil, but it wasn't for me. And "musk" is such a gross word. Musk. Eeew.

I've since moved on to other vanillas, but you never forget your first. That black cap, that glass bottle, that scent that made everyone ask me WHAT IS THAT OH MY GOD YOU SMELL SO GOOD.

Why would you discontinue something that does that to people?

Since there was no more of my precious hippie oil left at The Body Shop I didn't really think there was a reason for me to ever go back in there. But recently, I tried this.

I'm nuts about this shea body butter, shower cream and scrub. Around this time of year my skin gets really dry and this line is pretty hydrating. And delicious.

The shower cream is milky, the scrub is all sugary and the body butter (my favorite) is all, well, buttery.

It's thick and creamy and soaks right into my skin, leaving a light, nutty scent. 

Which would pair really well with that amazing vanilla oil I used to wear...seriously if anyone out there has a lead on getting some of that stuff my way I would love to talk to you. 

In the meantime, I still keep this empty little bottle -- the one with the black cap that still has a faint whiff of my 20-something self left in it.