Friday, September 4, 2015

Gonna fly now.

Last weekend there was a Rocky movie marathon on the MGM Channel -- ALL OF THE ROCKY MOVIES were on. 

So, as always, I settled in and made myself comfortable on the couch for several hours of Sylvester Stallone saying “absolutely” that way that he does that I really like.

There are several reasons I love all of the Rocky movies, too many to name. And none of them involve a robot. Here’s a few.

They make me all nostalgic.
Strong memories of sitting with my brother and my grandma in her den, watching the first two Rocky movies on her HBO. In my mind these two films are both masterpieces that make me kiss my fingertips and blow a kiss like a chef presenting you with a perfect meal. Or two perfect meals. Also memories of Grandma reminding us over and over that Sylvester Stallone is Italian. And talented. And very handsome. And Italian.

The best underdog story.
I mean come on, it just doesn’t get any better. And please don’t compare it to Hoosiers. Or Rudy. And especially Forrest Gump.

One of the best supporting characters ever -- I love Burt Young as Adrian’s loyal, drunken, messed up brother Paulie. Paulie drinks a lot, yells a lot, throws things a lot, ruins Christmas, and pretty much puts his sister in a coma for much of Rocky II. Sloppy hat. Disheveled tie. Cigar. I am still waiting for the spinoff movie/TV series/passion play “Paulie” and I refuse to believe I’m the only one asking for it.

They make me cry every time.
Every time. From Rocky to Rocky V. If he yells "ADRIAN" or she’s sitting on the couch saying to the television “I love you” over and over or he invites the tiger at the zoo to their wedding after proposing to her, or Apollo dies or especially, when Mickey dies...I will cry.
Training montages. Boxing montages. Driving around in cars while remembering everything that happened in the last few movies montages. And shopping montages where in a matter of hours Rocky buys a house, several gold watches, a new coat for Adrian and this tiger jacket that I still want to own.

Clubber Lang.
Who is this angry? Like, just in general? What happened in Clubber’s life that he needs to yell, snarl and growl at you when words fail him? Mr. T is at his T-ist, fueled on feather earrings, a mohawk and pure rage.

Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Drago.
I like how all of these scientists have spent all of their precious time and money hooking Drago  up to space age/high tech machinery and are measuring his every breath, punch, move and bead of sweat like the world is depending on it. I also love Mrs. Drago’s ‘80s power suits, haircut, shiny lip gloss and ability to begin every sentence she speaks with the words “My husband…"

The music.
Rocky's ThemeBurning HeartEye of the Tiger -- which must be repeated by Apollo Creed thousands of times before the end of Rocky IIIGonna Fly Now coming in and swelling at just the right moment. Sigh. So good.

Oh yeah, boxing.
Finally a sport that I feel drawn to, because, Rocky.