Friday, June 19, 2015

Like an urban cowboy.

I’m pretty open to trying new things. 

But there is a short list of things that you cannot convince me to like; no matter much you like them or how great you tell me they are. 


Deer. Quail. Or elk. Any meat you describe to me as "gamey."

Yoga. Holy moly. I'm bored.

Honeydew. When is it ever ripe? Never? I think never.

Harry Potter. I don't like it! It's ok!

Country music. This one is not negotiable because it makes me break out in a mental rash; it always has. And don't try and sell me with the business about how today country music has crossed over and is now at the top of the Billboard charts.

I just don't like it. I don't like cowboy boots or cowboy hats. I don't like cowboys.
Except for one:

John Travolta in Urban Cowboy is the only cowboy on my list of cowboys that I like.
I will always stop on and watch it I’m flipping around and land on it. If you don’t know this classic film from 1980 I have to wonder what you were doing in the early '80s when it was in the theatres or later running on a loop on HBO. Maybe you were working. Or playing outside or some nonsense like that. But you should have been watching Urban Cowboy.

Coming off of a hot streak of Grease and Saturday Night Fever (both of which I will also watch in their entirety anytime day or night) Mr. Travolta tried his hand at the country western thing. And in my book, he succeeded. Greatly.

Because if I am going to be interested in a cowboy it’s going to be an Italian one from New York with really good hair who always wins the big trophy in any organized dance contest.
Urban Cowboy tells the story of Bud (Travolta) a cowboy who learns many lessons about life, love and mechanical bull riding.

Beside the obvious (young, hot early ‘80s Travolta) here are several other reasons why I love this movie.

Sissy is tough, sexy, doesn't take any crap. She wins the contest for sexiest mechanical bull ride ever. I love the way she can make the name "Bud" five syllables long. Also I love her constantly asking Bud, "You a real cowboy, ain't ya?" I love Sissy.

The bar where the mechanical bull lives. Someday I will go there and swig Bud Light while screaming really loud for someone to play "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" ONE MORE TIME!

"I done told you once you son of a bitch I'm the best there's ever been..." 
Count this as one country song I enjoy.
The sweetest uncle who ever died in an explosion at a refinery.

Every movie has to have a bad guy right? Wes is real bad. He's out on parole. He drinks too much, fights too much and knocks Sissy around. He has a bad attitude and complexion to match and in one scene he wears a MESH SHIRT. Which isn't bad at all. It is awesome.
Because nobody says "fine, forget it" like Bud and Sissy.

OK. So maybe I don't hate everything about country stuff. 

I would like to go to Gilley's. I'd totally do an overnighter in Bud and Sissy's mobile home. That "Lookin' for Love" song gets me a little nostalgic and misty so hey, I guess I like two country songs. I'd ride in a truck and be all excited that there was a tiny license plate with my name on it in the back window that a guy bought to show things were getting serious between us. 

And I'd argue really loud in a parking lot with young cowboy-Travolta and and wrestle him down to the ground in a giant mud puddle. That's what country people do, right?

And I would kinda like to try riding that bull.

Bud and Sissy forever.