Friday, May 29, 2015

Dove love.

I was so excited to try the new Quench Absolute Collection -- Dove's new line 
geared just toward us curly haired girls

I'm a huge fan of Dove, their powerful campaign for real beauty ads celebrate real women. And their White Beauty Bar is the only soap I'll ever use.

Having dry, frizzy, coarse curls, especially this time of year (IT'S HUMID) it seemed like a good time to try something new.

To be honest, sometimes I think it's impossible for me to find a decent hair care line that actually works for me that's priced under $900. 

Seriously. Why is it hard for me to find something that I can wash my hair with from the drugstore? 

Well guess what? This stuff is good. 

And it's not expensive. And unlike 90% of everything else out there, it's made for ME. And you. If you have curly hair. If you don't you have lots of other choices you lucky duck. 

The star of the show is this shampoo because here's the deal; I know I'm supposed to like the no-lather, cleansing conditioner, no-poo thing that's happening right now but you guys...

I need my poo. I mean my lather. I mean I like shampoo with bubbles.
This shampoo is super rich and luxurious. It smells good. And it has bubbles.

The conditioner is great too, but what I really love this rich, creamy Intensive Restoration Mask. Can I use the word luxurious again? Because it is. LUXURY!

the restoration mask -- like a tub of custard.
For the grand finale I used a little of the Supreme Creme Serum as a leave in conditioner.

The result? My curls are soft. I can (sort of) run my fingers through them. And they are more "boing-y" (perfectly formed, coiled, springy, bouncy) than usual. Which is a good thing.

The shampoo/conditioner is $4.99 and the serum/mask are $5.99. Now I'm no good at math, but add those up and it's a lot less than $900. 

So curly haired girls, give your hair a drink. Make your curls less frizzy and More soft. More bouncy. More boing-y.

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