Friday, March 20, 2015

Roller girl.

When I was little I used to love to watch the women in my life primp -- put on make-up, do their hair, perhaps indulge in a refreshing splash of Jean Naté.

When I had sleepovers at my grandma’s I’d lay on her bed and play with this set she had -- a little matching tray that had a hand mirror, a brush and an empty container of dusting powder that contained an ancient puff and a faint musty smell. Grandma would roll her hair up for the night in those pink old school rollers, the ones with the two separate pieces, put a little shower/night cap on. We’d retire for the evening in her bed falling asleep on our sides facing the little TV cart she’d roll around the house as Johnny Carson lulled us to sleep.

When I was older I would lay on my moms bed, watching her get ready for a night on the town. I’d admire her pretty bottle of Paris perfume and paint on lipstick with a little brush from her Mary Kay lip palate as she rolled the ends her Dorothy Hamill style bob up with those spiky Clairol hot rollers with the u-shaped hooks. You remember, the ones that you didn't dare rest your head against anything for fear of a spike going into your brain but they made your hair look real pretty? Those.

I have found a new curler that I am currently freaking out about. And good news, it requires no protective cap, no heat and no spikes.

Benefit’s new Roller Lash mascara is theeeee shit. It might be the best mascara I’ve ever used. There, I said it. The last time I said that was about They’re Real mascara, which is also put out by benefit, so I don’t really feel bad about it. They’re still getting my 24 smackers for a tube of mascara.

Now I don’t like to spend 24 of my hard earned dollars on mascara but here’s the deal -- this stuff is amazing and it works, so I will.

I’ve said before I have puny lashes. I think they've all broken off over and over since I’ve been curling my eyelashes with a metal curler every day of my life since the 7th grade. 

I have challenged many mascaras before with their promises of curl, length and volume and come home both broke and disappointed.

This mascara is different, it’s like it was made for my sad baby lashes -- the wand has what they call a “hook and roll” brush (patent-pending! SCIENCE!) that hooks onto your lashes and rolls them upwards, giving lift and volume.

You have to play with it, kind of learn how to use the brush to roll those lashes up. In fact I watched several tutorials of different women applying it and found it fascinating to watch as they squinted, stuck this brush insanely close to their eyeballs and rolled like experts. 

And once I got the hang of it -- wowza. I actually have eyelashes. And they look really long. And pretty.

And you know I’m a sucker for cutesy packaging, this mascara is like porn to me, I mean come on. Even if it didn’t work I just want to look at this pink and black retro goodness.

But it actually does work, so, that’s good, right?

The box said I can get rid of my eyelash curler but I’m not ready for that step yet. I must keep crimping and clamping them them before I curl. Old habits die hard.

I wish I knew how to quit you.