Friday, February 20, 2015

Local love - Okamura Farmacopia.

Sometimes you just need an hour. An hour that is just for you. It’s amazing what sixty little minutes of peace and quiet can do to kick start your soul.

It does help that if during these sixty little minutes there’s somebody standing above you making circular motions continuously with their fingertips around your eyes, like little spinning bicycle tires.

Recently I had a facial with Sherry at Urbaca Salon here in Portland and I’m still basking in the afterglow.

Sherry’s space at Urbaca is a mini-sanctuary with soft lights, pretty music and a bed that I was more than happy to dive into.

The facial she gave was lovely -- cleansing, hot bubbly steam, lotions, masks, lots of warm washcloths, oils, toners, massage -- an absolute treat.

Sherry uses her own line of products called Okamura Farmacopia that she created back in 2005.

Using as few chemicals as possible and only when necessary, the line is made here in Oregon and is truly plentiful -– cleansers, moisturizers, masks, tonics, beard oil for the fellas (again, made in Oregon.) 

Fantastic products with pretty packaging in little glass bottles, I was drawn to it before any of it made its way onto my face. 

I'm particularly in love with these aromatherapy toners.

I brought home two, one is the softening spray which is an essential oil blend of lavender, and chamomile to provide space for better communication and hope.

The vital spray is a blend of grapefruit, tea tree oil and juniper berry. It's good for mental/physical detoxing. I need this. If you don't, well, good on you.

I've been using these round the clock, as a pick me up or a calm me down. Clouds of it float throughout my house. I spritz it on my face, hair, bod, pillow, children -- wherever.

I love them. They feel cool and soothing and both smell like a giant massage/facial/pampering explosion.

I'm also trying the clear cleanse face wash along with the supreme creme moisturizer

The cleanser is a pretty blue-black color because it has charcoal in it to draw out toxins and impurities. The creme is good for my "mature" skin -- moisturizing while minimizing fine lines.

The thing that makes a facial with Sherry unique is the chakra energy balancing work she does at the end. 

I had pretty much passed out from being so relaxed but I could feel her down at my feet.  

She took her time, slowly making her way from my toes to the top of my head, placing her hands on different parts of my body, massaging, holding and tapping like a mini jackhammer where need be.

Afterwards we talked about what the different chakras were, how they related with what she felt on my bod and what it all meant. Eerily a lot of it rang true for what was going on in my life right now, particularly what was going on that day.

It was a little on the groovy side but I liked it. I found it interesting that I am well rooted with my ancestors, I have a good, strong intuition and that my sixth chakra (intelligence/vision/mental health/processing) is extremely overworked.

Which tells me I need like, a gallon jug of that vital spray to help my brain chill out. And that I could use more time with Sherry. Check out her products here or schedule an appointment for a facial or other treatment with her here.

Sixty little minutes can make your day/week/month/outlook on life much better.

Chakra Khan.

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