Friday, December 5, 2014

Purse schmurse.

The day before Thanksgiving my car was broken into and my purse was stolen -- passenger side window smashed and purse nabbed. 

I know...I know…I shouldn't have left my purse in the car. But I was just running into school to pick up the boys. And I've left my purse on the floor of my car for years as I’ve done this same routine week after week after week. And yes I know now that was a really dumb thing to do.

I was really sad and upset. Then I got really mad and upset. What a pain in the ass.
My purse was gone. I thought to myself and said out loud a million times MY LIFE WAS IN THERE.

My wallet with credit cards, checks, insurance information, and exactly one dollar and fifty cents in cold hard cash.

My newish glasses were in there that I had obsessed over and saved up to buy.

My cute cosmetics bag, with too much goodness to even get into. I hope those thieves enjoy and appreciate really good lip gloss.

And my PT Cruiser was now officially a PT Loser – with plastic taped over where a window should be.

The next day was Thanksgiving. And I stopped being mad and sad because I was too busy focusing on my family, the Macy’s parade, putting a turkey in the oven and how could I possibly get more carbohydrates into my body.

Then the next day was the day after Thanksgiving (see how that works?) And I was happy. Because it’s officially Christmastime and we were downtown looking at the big tree, shopping and the boys were reading their lists to Santa Claus. Dean Martin was singing that weird version of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" on the radio that I love and I was happy again.

I didn't have my purse with me, and I didn't miss it one bit -- because I really didn't need anything.

Me, the product junkie, armed only with a Cake Batter Chap Stick (which by the way is really delicious and hydrating) some loose change and a mint from a restaurant in my coat pocket. I was perfectly fine.

My shoulder didn't ache from my giant purse hanging off of it. My hands didn't have indentations from multiple shopping bags digging into my skin because I didn't have any money to buy anything. I was free! Free to pick up my six year old and swing him around. I gave him the change from my pocket to throw in the fountain in the mall. I watched him close his eyes and make a wish.

It was a different kind of shopping experience and on the drive home I felt guilt free and like I’d lost ten pounds. Which I probably did without the purse but also probably did not because of the stuffing and mashed potato sandwich I had eaten the day before.

As this week has gone on replacement cards have been coming in the mail, the window in has been replaced, I got a new driver’s license, and I bought a cheapie wallet at Nordstrom Rack to replace the fancy Kate Spade one I had purchased pre-kids many years ago.

I’m carrying around a new/old purse with these few belongings in it. And yes, I’ve been taking it in the school with me when I pick up the boys –- lesson learned.

But I don’t think I’ll fill this new/old bag with as many things as the purse that probably got shoved in a dumpster somewhere. Because I don’t need all that stuff. I thought I had to carry so much around with me, but not having all that stuff made me realize that I don’t.
All I need to carry right now is what I have on me: my license, my Chap Stick, a winning Scratch It ticket to redeem (FOUR BUCKS!) and exactly one dollar in cash.

I will replace my glasses because I loved them and because I need to see things. 
And the lip gloss. Because I need my lip gloss.

Lucky girl.