Friday, November 14, 2014

Generic post.

When I think of generic stuff I mostly think of things like this:

Or this:
And sometimes this:

That was until last week’s trip to Sally Beauty Supply -- where I discovered the generic deal of a lifetime.

I have been using Kenra Volume Spray 25 since I got off the Stiff Stuff in college. I’ve tried other hairsprays but I always go back to the giant silver can.
That giant silver 16 oz can set me back 24 smackers so usually, I went for the 10 oz can that is 17 bucks. I know is not as good of a deal but give me a break -- you know I’m no good at math.

I was out of my precious Kenra last week and happened to be by a Sally Beauty Supply store – I figured they wouldn’t carry it but thought, what the heck, I’m here…I’ll check. Plus I like going into Sally once in a while to check out their cheapie make up, maybe pick up a packet of a deep conditioning hair mask or the best nail polish top coat in the world.

When I walked in the door a display with this was staring at me:

I picked up the can. At first I was skeptical. I turned the can over. Then I was excited:

NINE DOLLARS AND NINETY NINE CENTS? That’s like…seven dollars less than I usually pay. Actually, that’s IS seven dollars less than I usually pay! (I'm rounding it up to ten you guys -- I'm not that bad at math.)

I looked to the cute young guy at the counter, I wanted to see what he knew about this whole generic beauty product racket that I’d never heard of. He was bald so he had some serious work ahead of him convincing me to drop a ten spot on this generic Kenra.

Me: “Have you heard anything about this? Is it really as good as Kenra?”
Hip Sally Guy“It’s a-may-zing.”

Me: "Really?"
Hip Sally Guy: “Come here. I love your hair.”

Now I’m excited.
Hip Sally Guy: (Flipping over the can) “Look at the back. It has the same exact ingredients as Kenra.”

We look together, and he’s right.
Hip Sally Guy“And smell it…it’s smells exactly like Kenra.”

He sprays some from the can, and he’s right.
Me: “It does!”

Hip Sally Guy: “I know, right?”
Me: “And it’s ten bucks?”

Hip Sally Guy“Right?”
Me: “Right?”

Hip Sally Guy: “I know.”
I buy the Generic Value Products hairspray and feel like I would had I bought ten bucks worth of scratch-its. Because it may work or it may be a dud, but hip, bald  Sally Guy had really made quite a case for it’s authenticity with all his reassurance, “rights” and “I know’s.”

The next morning, with a freshly washed head of hair, I gave generic Kenra a go.
And it smelled like Kenra.
And it held like Kenra.
And it lasted all day like Kenra.

I know.