Friday, June 6, 2014

Reflections of the way life used to be.

Nothing says '80s graduation better than sepia toned high school seniors tossing their caps in the air. Right?

This isn't a yearbook - this is REFLECTIONS ~ A MEMORY BOOK

I think it was a little extra freebie giveaway that came with my class ring. A freebie that I took on as a serious senior project.

With this being high school graduation season looking through turning through the pages of Reflections made me reflect even more...on my high school experience, movies and music of the '80s, and how much time and effort I put into crafting my own reflection-perfection.

There was a place to put all of those little cards with peoples names on them 
that you got with your graduation announcements.

A place to put your senior photo and write your class motto.
(We had a motto? I guess we had a motto.)

A place to write fond memories of your teachers, like dreamy Mr. Olson...

               I was in the drama club which according to this photo had 900 members. 
Also, that's me as a big-haired Helen Keller.

There were pages for photos.
Me and a group of girls in boxer shorts singing "Old Time Rock 'n Roll" (shudder) and receipt from a motel my friends and I liked to frequent at the beach. 
Yep. Memories.

I wasn't very good keeping up with the news/world events.

But I did know a lot about "Fads"
We ate Doritos.

I loved R.E.M., Rocky Horror, Bill and Ted, Little Shop and Remote Control.

I loved this stuff too.

This proves that stuff was way cheaper and that I was a skater-girl poser.

 Graduation. Donatello's and afterwards Steve's house for a party.

My Hollywood ending.
It's funny those tracks say "Hollywood" - I was heading from sunny Tampa, Florida to snowy Bend, Oregon. 

I do love the image and how I didn't crowd it with a bunch of crap. I was excited. I was scared. I was leaving my boyfriend and my friends. I was terrified.

My favorite part of this page is the quote I cut out from Sassy magazine that says, "I know a guy in Oregon. He's very into nature. A very simple and beautiful man." 

This was all I really knew about Oregon at 18. A quote from Sassy magazine. I swore I'd move back to Florida. Or New York. Or Hollywood; even though I'd never been there.

Like the newspaper clipping says, high school is history. I had big plans. 

I wonder if seniors today still sign each others yearbooks? Or are their yearbooks on an tablet or a phone? I hope not. 

Whatever the case I'm pretty sure they don't have Reflections, A Memory Book to reflect upon. Poor things.