Friday, March 7, 2014

You were born! Take this stuff!

A few weeks ago I celebrated my birthday.
And you know, I love birthdays.

Out with the family, lunch with some friends from work, drinks with the girls a week later, pizza, Thai food, foofy lattes, pastries, cake…life is full. And so am I.

Below is my yearly list I lovingly refer to as “Free Shit I Get on My Birthday.” 

You should take advantage of this stuff too. Because you were born and duh, because IT’S FREE!

Aveda Lotion.
My favorite freebie this year because it smells fantastic and it was a full-size freebie. I don’t know what I did to get on Aveda’s good list but whatever it was must have been pretty great. They gave me a choice of getting some of their pure essential oils mixed in with massage oil, getting an atomizer full their pure-fume, or this hydrating formula lotion. I went with the lotion because how often are people giving me massages, and I have enough perfume. The oil I chose is their “invigorating” mix of peppermint and citrus because Lord knows, I could use some help getting invigorated. 

Aveda Hairspray.
And while I was there they also gave me this control force hairspray. I gotta admit, I felt kind of bad leaving with a pretty bag full of great product. I also had a lovely cup of tea while I browsed, and a complimentary hand massage (seriously.) 

Brow Wax.
Did you know that you can get a free eyebrow wax at the benefit counter during the week of your birthday? I do it every year. They do a great job and I love their products and their kitchy packaging. If you don’t mind sitting in the middle of a department store getting waxed and tweezed while strangers and possibly your ex-boyfriend walk by you (of course) then this is for you. Oh, and it’s free.

Mascara & Lipstick.
Every year I look forward to my birthday treat from Sephora, signing up to be a member of their Beauty Insider program gets you a goodie on your special day. This year’s kit was from Make Up For Ever, a great mascara and lipstick combo. Love the neutral color of the Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick and the Smoky Extravagant Mascara is perfect for my purse. I kind of feel like Sephora and I broke up since I went part time at work, I don’t get in there as much as I used to. But they still give me little gifts. Holla. 

See, there are so many benefits to having birthdays.

And if you go out to dinner on your big day for God's sake, let someone know. 
Because you'll totally get a free mud pie

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