Friday, January 31, 2014

Hard habit to break.

Last Sunday evening, while patiently waiting to see what was going to happen between Anna and Mr. Bates Downton Abbey, I decided to stop on the Grammys to see what the hell is going on in the world of music today. 

In my brief viewing time I made these few observations:
  • I think I like Macklemore.
  • Madonna totally looked like the Quaker Oats guy.
  • Daft Punk is two robots.
I got excited when I heard “And right after the break, CHICAGO…” 

They sounded great, doing a medley of their ‘70s hits with Robin Thicke of all people.
Hey, hey, totally worked.

My Dad listened to the old school Chicago - the horns, the “Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is”, the “A man selling ice cream…singing Italian songs…” Chicago.

Can you feel it?
Yes, I can.

But my Chicago, the songs and lyrics that truly have stuck with me are the sappy-sweet, 1980s, Peter Cetera-era Chicago.

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away how can you not put on one of the following songs and be transported to a school dance, a first date or a romantic dinner. Or if you’re me the back of a big yellow school bus, in distress bawling your eyes out.

Hard to Say I’m Sorry.
I was like 12 when this song out and my family was prepping for a move from NY to FL, this song always makes me think of that time in my life. That super-difficult transition during tween-dom, not a kid anymore…not a teenager yet (a perfect time for a move across the country.) It talks a lot about being “far away” and going on a “holiday” and how “I just want you to stay.” Waaaah.

“Couldn’t stand to be kept away, just for the day, FROM YOUR BOOODY.”

Hard Habit to Break.
Standard crying on the bus fare here. I had just broken up with my first actual boyfriend Albert, back in ’82 when this tearjerker came out. The local radio station had a call in show in the evenings where you could dedicate songs to others and I dedicated this song to Albert. A LOT.

“Being without you takes a lot of getting used to. Should learn to live with it. I DON’T WANT TO.”

You’re the Inspiration.
Ahhh, the King of the crying to Chicago on the bus songs! Also released in 1984 and also makes me think of the aforementioned ex-boyfriend Albert. Cried to this one in a different way since it’s not a break up song…more a song for what could have been between us if he hadn’t of blown it by breaking up with me. 

“You should know, everywhere I go, you’re ALWAYS on my mind, in my heart, in my soul…baby.”

In retrospect the move from NY to FL eventually worked out well - good God, I never would have met Albert if we hadn't moved, right?

Oh, and Albert and I would never have made it - we had nothing in common. He and his family were from Cuba so around them or his friends he barely spoke English to me, which wasn't the best foundation for a relationship. He mostly just made out with me.
But our love wasn't meant to wasn't the kind of love that lasts forever.

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