Friday, January 3, 2014

Gee 2014, you smell terrific.

Oh my goodness I’ve missed you. It feels like it has been forever!
It kind of has. Here’s the skinny on what’s been going down in my world:

I put up a new website at the end of November called Drawn to the 80s where Sam, my five-year-old, draws his interpretations of songs from the greatest decade in music. It went viral and got crazy love from Jezebel and BuzzFeed. Wang Chung and Martha Quinn (!) tweeted about us. They even talked about us on Good Morning America, it was totally nutty.

I did a play and got to work with some wonderful people both onstage and backstage, made some new friends and had a lot of fun.

I’ve also been doing some blogging for The Huffington Post which I am super excited about. I'm writing for their Parents section which is fun, honest and challenging.

Oh and Christmas. Yeah – that happened.

So back to business...I got some great loot!
Santa knows my crazy love of all things that smell, feel and taste delicious. 

Here are a few of my favorite things that I’m obsessing over/flipping out over/fall asleep thinking about:

I didn’t ask for this, had never tried it and now I love it.
It’s thick and super creamy like custard and it smells warm and yummy.
Have to admit I don’t really know what bergamot is…a flower?
A spice? A food? A tea? Maybe an orange?
Who cares, it smells fantastic.

I can’t stop smelling my arm.
This is vanilla heaven. 

I could smell this puppy through the wrapping paper it was in, smells like summer to me.
It’s so pretty and smells so good I will probably just leave it on my nightstand
and admire/smell it when I need a pick me up.
Maybe someday I will wash my bod with it but for now it’s a
pretty/smelly/admirable knick-knack.

Ummm, I got a giant box of my favorite cookies ever:
That sweet smell and taste of anisette, all licorice-y, I just love these
dunked in coffee or milk. Or on their own. Or dunked in nutella. Or peanut butter.
These are really good no matter what you dunk them in/smear on them.
I can’t buy them in Portland so my husband ordered them off Amazon.
Best. Present. Ever.

I feel excited for what 2014 holds, like something really good is close.
Once again I remain hopelessly optimistic that this year I will be able to make a living doing something I love – something creative, that’s still the goal. Until I scratch off that winning scratch-it, I'll just keep plugging along, moving forward.

Whatever ends up happening one thing is for sure,
I’ll be smelling fantastic.

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