Friday, January 17, 2014

Disney done right.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how bad I want to take my kids to Disney – they’ve never been and are at what everyone tells me is THE PERFECT AGE to go.

I have never been to Disneyland - I’m a Disneyworld girl.

Being a teenager in Tampa made Disney pretty easy – when company came to visit, we went to Disney.
On summer vacation, we went to Disney. On my brother’s birthday, we went to Disney.
People can say 6 and 8 are "the perfect ages" to go all they want.
But in my book, the perfect age to go was 18 - back in May,1989.

Here’s the deal; the park shuts down for one night open only to high school seniors.

21 smackers - all night party.

There were rules to Grad Nite, especially when it came to what to wear:

Even Mickey was unsure.

I had enough trouble figuring out what to wear to school on a daily basis.
Now I had to put some serious, prom-level thought into another outfit? I was in heaven.
 Could this be more 80's? The polka dot dress! The Clair Huxtable shoulder pads!
The suspender guy jumping! Paisley ties!
The slutty girl with the off the shoulder sweater and leggings is not amused.
After many sleepless nights I settled on this outfit, and well, here I am "modeling" it.
My b/f/f Susanne and I would hang sheets in my living room and take
pictures of each other like we were fashion models. Lord. 
Dear fashion industry, HIRE ME. Love, Lori
I LOVED this get up – the top had a built in vest, the material was
all shiny and flammable and the skirt was long with a jagged hem at
the bottom that was all different CRAZY lengths.
This was my girl gang for the evening.
Here we are getting ready to board the party bus to Orlando:
Can we talk 80s fashion right now please?
Look at Jocelyn’s all white ensemble, and Valerie in the middle - I’m surprised Mickey let you through the gates with that short little dress on. And look at Sharon in the red, that giant fringy belt that I coveted!
Here's me and my Susanne, all Disney’d out with our ears on that are messing up my perfect hair:
Susanne was stylish in a light pink ensemble paired with a chic
navy giant belt that had a giant gold disc weapon on the front.
I love the way this cop is looking at her:
Probably wanted to question her about that belt.
We rode Space Mountain at 2:00 a.m. in our fancy clothes!!!
We hollered at boys!!!
Pure energy.
What a great picture - seriously, this is in a photo album.
And I don’t know how we managed to do it but there were no boys in our little gang cramping our style.

Maybe because none of us had boyfriends at the time? I don’t know.
But I do remember it being a crazy fun night in the 80s with the girls.
Giant rulers and pencil cups! Because we're seniors!
Even if Mickey wouldn’t let me wear my studded choker/acid was jeans/bolo tie.

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