Friday, October 4, 2013

Free to be...

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I am a sucker for a deal, a two-fer, a BOGO. 
And a freebie. I am especially a sucker for a freebie.
Here are a few items that I got this week for my favorite price.
Zero dollars and zero cents.

(ummm, they were FREE.)

I was getting my haircut the other day, sitting comfortably in the chair with my man Jeff when a woman with a large bag across her body came in, claiming that “the product fairy had arrived.”

At that point I sat a little taller in my seat and my eyes glazed over. I looked up at Jeff like Oliver Twist asking for “more please” as the fairy breezed into the back of the salon.

As she was leaving Jeff asked her to come over (love him) introduced me to her saying, “You should meet Lori, she writes a blog” (again, love.)

I gave her my card and she gave me this:

Good trade.
It’s a dry shampoo by bumble and bumble called pret-a-powder.
You shake it on your dirty head like salt, rather than spray it on your dirty head like you do with the drugstore brands. Remember that Pssst! stuff I tried? The one that felt like I was spraying Christmas snow in a can on my head? This is way better than that.

I love it on my non-hair wash days - mostly because it smells really good. Like so good that when people hug me they say “what are you wearing?” and I say "FREE EXPENSIVE DRY SHAMPOO ON MY DIRTY HEAD."

Veggie Grill.
You may not have heard this but it rains here in Portland. A lot. This past week we experienced extra awful, monsoon like weather. However, no torrential downpour will stop me from getting free stuff.

I saw a guy from the Veggie Grill standing on the corner giving out little cards and samples. You bet I put my hood up and walked my slappy ass over there to see what was going on. He gave me a little card that got me this:

Fancy giant triangle cracker.

A free meal! “Chicken” tortilla soup and their famous “All Hail Kale" (dumb name really good salad) salad. Worth walking a block in a downpour for? Yes, it’s free and will be my work-lunch for two days.

Lagom haul.
My best friend Laura called me out of the blue Monday asking if I was around - she had some stuff she was unloading and wanted to drop by to see if any of it interested me.

Laura writes a blog called Finding Lagom, which documents her attempt to get rid of unnecessary "things" in order to live a more simple life.

Sometimes I reap the benefits of Laura’s lagom:
Yes I want this. All of it.

Laura's lagom haul included:
  • A can of black beans.
  • A jar of Biscoff Spread cookie butter (she used a little for a recipe and said she wouldn’t finish it, which I cannot comprehend.)
  • Fancy marionberry jam.
  • Two little Kiehls samples.
  • Hot Mama blush that I love/use.
  • The all important September issue of Vogue.
So good stuff this week right? My hair smells crazy good, hot fake-chicken soup on a cold, rainy day
and beans, butter and blush.
All free.

And I got to spend a little time at my kitchen table with Laura.
You can’t put a price on that.

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