Friday, September 20, 2013

Catch me I'm fallin'.

Fall is here – my favorite time of the year!

Halloween is coming.
I walked through some crunchy leaves this morning.
Ummmm….pumpkin spice lattes?

As far as predicting falls arrival, I am like Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day.
Except if I'm wrong, I don't get to go back to sleep for three more months or whatever.
Stupid/lucky Punxsutawney Phil.

Here are some telltale signs that everything autumnal is upon us. At least in my world.  

I am wearing this sweater today:
Orange and gray is everywhere this fall so I slapped this big 'ol flower on this pumpkin sweater.
Bing, bang, boom, I'm hip like all the girls in the magazines.

This purse:
I ceremoniously changed purses last night and moved into my favorite big orange bag. 
It's my favorite because of the color, the price (like a $400-something bag I got for under a hundred bucks)
and the fact that inside it's a big open cavern where my giant wallet and lip glosses fit.

Seasonal handsoaps:
Because it's fall. And in the fall, it's not enough for my hands to just smell like pumpkin, they need to smell like
sweet cinnamon pumpkin. And a pumpkin cupcake. And maple syrup. My hands need to smell like maple syrup.

This dumb lotion:
Because in the fall, I need to smell like a non-existent place, straight out of Willy Wonka.
Like the ASPEN CARMEL WOODS. Dumb, but delicious.

This fancy powder:

This compact by Hourglass is all glowy, luminous and pretty. It doesn't have much to do with sue me.
The guy at Sephora did say it recreates the most flattering light — like moonlight or candlelight.
That's kinda spooky, like Halloween. And the packaging is purpley-brown, like a maple leaf.
There I did it, this compact has everything to do with fall. BOOM.

Ugh, Candy Corn:
It's not even October 1st and a whole bag of candy corn has already been consumed.
Well, shit.

This pumpkin in my garage.
This bad boy is from a friends garden and has been hanging out with my skateboard and the shop vac since late July. I'm always so impressed when anybody grows anything.
Especially something like a pumpkin.

So you see? It's here!
All the signs are here! The smelly soaps, the candy corn, the compact for God's sake!
Catch you guys later, at the Aspen Carmel Woods.

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