Friday, August 30, 2013

Who are you wearing?!?!

When I think of going back to school I remember how sad I was that summer was ending, but how excited I was to put on that ever important first-day-of-school-outfit, get back to business and see all of my friends.

And boys...I was also excited to see boys.

Cute boy Jeremy, on the bus.

The first-day-of-school-outfit pretty much consumed the latter half of my summer.

The chosen outfit lay out on my carpet in the shape of my body the night before complete with shoes, socks and earrings perfectly placed like a dead body at a crime scene.

Obviously other girls (and guys) back in the day felt the same passion for fashion as I did.

Here are some painstakingly picked-out-outfits. The first day of school at Buchanan Junior High School in Tampa, fall of 1984.

My girl gang hanging at "the wall" - the spot we would meet up at before and after school. Note my friend Lori's brazen "Who Cares What Frankie Say?" t-shirt, a ballsy first day fashion choice. Also note Laurie's (yes, there was a Lori, Lori and Laurie hanging out together - THE 80's!) sweet sleeveless Mickey shirt along with my skin tight gray acid wash jeans that she borrowed and never returned.

Folders! Pearls! Folders! Bandana's in hair!

Holy crap, check out my friend Tracey and her friend BILLY. LOOK AT BILLY'S SHIRT. And gold chains! Was that shirt really purchased in the men's department? At Chess King maybe? Or possibly Oak Tree?

Glasses on strings! Pretty feathered blonde hair! Belts!

And the boys were stylin' too...check out these fellas:
White jeans! A suit jacket? Pretty feathered blonde hair!

I don't really know what to say about this one except it was taken DURING PE:

Cute Jamie, with a funny-school-monkey-poster
and his cool Ray-Bans.

And then there's me, and my first day choice.
A cute gray number with light pink polka dots, pink belt with gray socks and pumps.
My other first day choices included:



On the back of Dan's picture I wrote HOT! and drew flames coming off the word:

Dan reminded me of David Lee Roth, he was cute and crazy.
He also ate like five giant rolls that he bought from the hot lunch line every day.
He was my favorite.

Those were some of the most difficult years I think, junior high.
Not a little kid anymore and not really a teenager, thinking I knew it all while trying to figure everything out.

God bless you Buchanan Junior High, I hope girl gangs still meet up at the wall.
God bless you mouth full of braces, sunglasses and tuxedos in gym class.
God bless you, 1984.




  1. Reebok "Freestyle" hightops, stirrup pants and a big baggy shirt! Hair half up in a goody barette with poofed bangs, blue eye shadow and hot pink lipstick!

    1. Cara, yes...yes...YES! That stirrup pant/baggy shirt combo was so forgiving, I loved it! And I still use a hot pink Goody barrette when I wash my face at night.

  2. Awesome 80 shots:0) I hava few pics up of 80's era n my columbia basin job corps page on face book. Can't miss it a girl layin on her stomach with big hair. 80's rule! On fb "bublz olskoolbgirl" I use2do graffiti :0)

    1. The best kind of hair is big hair - in the 80's and always!

  3. I had a jumpsuit like Billy's shirt.

    1. Seriously Astrid, I coveted Billy's blouse.