Friday, August 16, 2013

In sync.

Ahhh, the lost art forms from the 80's - sadly so many revolving around music.

Music videos, mix tapes, assembling groups of musicians who have no business spending any time together like Bob Dylan and Sheila E...

And arguably the most important lost 80's art form - LIP SYNC CONTESTS AT UNDERAGE DANCE CLUBS.

My best friend Susie and I were experts in all of the above. Especially the lip syncing. And the contests.

Susie and I were very into MTV and music - she loved Def Leppard the way I loved The Rolling Stones. Her passion for the bass player Rick Savage ran deep, and was quite admirable.

Besides music we were both very into fashion. We went to great lengths to show the world we were best friends by dressing exactly alike, which you can see more of here.

There was one matchy-matchy Lori-Susie outfit that wasn't included in the above post because I couldn't find the photo.

Had I destroyed the evidence that these outfits actually happened? I searched and searched, could see it in detail in my head, tore my albums/shoeboxes apart then eventually gave up. 

Until this past weekend at my Mom's house - in an old smelly photo album in her shed out behind her house.

I let out a little yelp as I unearthed this:

These were our outfits when we made the FINALS of the lip sync contest at Faces Teen Night Club.

Faces was in a strip mall by a movie theatre and a Showbiz Pizza Parlor and had everything a thirteen year old girl could want including a DJ, a disco ball and mouthwatering mocktails.

 Let's just break down this look(s), shall we?

1.   Matching hot pink streaks in the “winged” sections of our hair. 

2.   Pearls-a-plenty! Identical! Knotted! 

3.   Because every fourteen year old girl needs a HOT PINK CORSET. Jesus.

4.   Cheapo-black “tube skirts” purchased at Rave.

5.   Vacuum cleaner lines - because this was the living room and nobody ever went in there. Except to vacuum.

6.   These outfits needed a little extra something. Like a belt. A silver fucking belt.

7.   Gold chalices on a gold tray. Just in case a priest or a pope stops by.

8.   Cheap-ass black plastic pumps from Payless. Perfect for dancin’ and sweatin’.

Check out Susie’s confidence - her kick ass stance that screams “we are here to win this thing.”
My pose is more cheesecake with the head tilt, come hither look and a “hope this corset doesn’t pop off during the big dance number” vibe about it.

We “sang” and “danced” to the song “Baby Love” by Regina which you should not feel dumb about not knowing.
Regina was one person - not two - so I did more of the background “ooohs” “aaahs” and even a little baby squeal sound (gross) in the song while moving side to side and snapping my fingers while Susie did most of the work.
We got second place.
I can’t remember who won - it doesn’t matter.

What mattered was that we got second, we looked awesome and again, my CORSET did not pop off of my
I’ll drink a giant piƱa colada mocktail to that.


  1. Well, as inappropriate as these outfits are- the skirt is much longer than the skirts and shorts worn today by teens. And at least your stomachs are covered! I'm sad you got 2nd place. Clearly the contest was 'rigged'.

  2. You forgot to mention the salmon/blue combo of the curtains that was required by just about every 80's decorator.

    1. You are absolutely right! Soooo many pictures taken in that exact same spot in front of those lovely curtains.

    2. Also note bad fake plants and brass, brass, BRASS!

  3. What a terrific post and a fun walk down memory lane for me! These outfits were very much appropriate for the 80's - we all wore corsets (hot pink and electric blue, of course) and such...we can thank Madonna for bringing us that look!

  4. Totally - thank you for the corset inspiration Madonna! And it's her 55th (!) birthday today - how perfect!