Friday, July 26, 2013

Halucination station.

Sometimes a girls just gotta take care of herself - get a little pampering.
Sure there’s the usual mani/pedi, a big gooey piece of See’s chocolate, a massage...

And then there’s PAMPERING.

Ok, the more I type "pampering" the more I realize I don’t really like the word - pampering...Pampers... diapers...poop...blech. It's going on the list. Let’s just call it taking care of ourselves. Or me time? Yes, let’s just call it that.

Saturday I had the ultimate me time with Julia at Ethereal Day Spa here in Portland. Afterwards I felt like I wanted to go to sleep for a year - not wanting to leave I fell into her arms, gave her a bear hug and said, “you are SO good at what you do. You are THEEE BEST.”

When I go see Julia we chat a little bit in the beginning, catching up. Then we get quiet and she goes to work and I begin to relax - really relax.

Like otherworldly relax. My mind goes a little nutty, to far away places as I begin to let go of the everyday.

It’s easy to let go of the everyday when you have a paintbrush sliding across your face and you feel like a cupcake being frosted.

Years ago I went to a "spa" where I would soak in a tub of smelly sulfur hot springs, then dripping wet, get wrapped up in several wool blankets which would help to "release the toxins" from my toxin filled body. The girls who wrapped me like a mummy would ask how I would like my blankets - loose, medium or tight.

I of course would say TIGHT and go on trips as I lay there for what seemed like hours. Trips that were more heightened than any Grateful Dead concert I’ve ever been to.

I don’t know where those women went to school to major in blanket tightening 101, but they were damn good at what they did. I mean I was relaxed, but like unhealthy in a coma relaxed. I came out of the blankets once thinking it was the first day of fourth grade and asked where my book bag was. I stopped going there.

On Saturday I was pretty relaxed - I traveled to a "lite" version of that place in my head. Here are some things that I daydreamed about:

Captain Caveman – just thinking of him flying through the air with his big club, wondering if there used to be a breakfast cereal named after him (based on my limited research, there was not.)

Do moles have eyes? – I haven’t had the need or the desire to follow up on this.

Rob Halford from Judas Priest – Just thinking of him in general, dressed in his leathers, wondering how he's doin'.

"Emotional Rescue" video by The Rolling Stones – All sexy, a little creepy and digitized, Uh-hoo, uh-hoo-hoo, uh-hoo-hoo-hooooo.

Then I kinda came around as Julia started to massage around my jawbone I started to giggle.
Not because she was tickling me but because it was all tight and sore and the pathetic memory of why it
was all tight and sore made me laugh.
I explained that the reason the massage hurt so good was because the day before I had eaten several Bit-O-Honeys along with a BIG HUNK candy bar. I told her how I bought the BIG HUNK on my way home from work and ate it in my car, like a junkie sneaking bites at red lights then furiously chewing the sticky goo like my life depended on it.
This is the reason my jaw was sore, it had quite the work out.

Thanks for the TMJ.

We laughed, then I quieted down again and went back into my little druggie/dream state.

In my next daydream I was riding the BIG HUNK like a surfboard, going down a giant one like a slide,
and wearing the shiny brown wrapper like a leather jacket.

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