Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm Mr. Brightside.

Back in college my good friend John and I did a lot of stuff together.
We did stuff typical college kids do like:

• Go out drinking/dancing six out of seven nights a week.

• Eat an entire brick of Tillamook Cheddar cheese with crackers while watching old Joan Crawford movies.

• Go on extravagant shopping trips with money we did not have.

During our shopping sprees John and I used our credit cards to purchase a lot of dumb, regrettable items.
Like I remember going “antiquing” with John and getting talked into purchasing a few pieces of Wedgwood china. Because college students needs that.


Of course John and I also purchased some pretty bad clothing, it was the early nineties. Like I had a pair of jeans from The Gap that were blindingly yellow. They were off the men's rack so they were huge, long and heavy - but they were marked down to $7.98 and with a big belt and rolled up cuffs I thought they were awesome. John had an insanely bright yellow Joe Boxer t-shirt with that smiley face on the front and back. We would coordinate wearing these yellow nightmares when we were together and the result was cornea burning bad. Eyes would roll, we would get disapproving looks from old people and heads would shake when we wore these outfits in public.

John and I enjoyed annoying people with our bright, happy, obnoxious overdoses of color.

Lately I’ve been reminded of those bright yellow pants as I notice myself kind of obsessed with all things bright.

Screw that ballet slipper pink, it's almost summertime.

Annoying orange.
Much brighter in person.
I'm on week three of wearing it this very annoying electric pink that a teenage girl should be wearing instead of me. Sometimes I look down and think...ick, why did I choose that color? And sometimes I think...ahhhh, that's so annoying. I LIKE IT.

Umm, how annoying are these shoes?
A birthday cake blew up on my feet.

Well, I now own them. Welcome to the Nike Studio Wrap Pack, a three-part-footwear SYSTEM. Here's the deal, you are supposed to do things like yoga, ballet and barre classes (annoying) in them, which I will never do. What I will do is use a gift card I got to buy some $110 fancy-schmancy shoes. With a ballerina ribbon. And wear them around the house while vacuuming. A friend of mine at rehearsal last week said these make him want to "vomit blood". I like a strong reaction to my footwear and I guess I got one. Thanks Nike!

Lip Gloss.
This lip color is LOUD and not my usual red, it’s more of a fantastic fuchsia. 

LAQA Fat Lip Pencil in Pinkman is creamy, minty and smooth in a chubby little stick I can fit in my pocket. It twists up so you don't need a sharpener, it's shiny and glossy and the color is screaming hot fun in the summertime. Love.

Dog Dress.
And I'll end on this:

This is my dog Macy and I put her in this bright pink tutu dress.
I know it's annoying but it's also sooooo cuuuute right? I have two boys, give me a break.

I know John would appreciate these fabulous bright items. Well, maybe not the shoes, those might make him want to vomit blood also. 

I sold my few pieces of Wedgwood on eBay and Goodwilled the legendary yellow pants long ago.
I pray someone purchased them for less than $7.98 and is walking around somewhere in them right now,
getting eye rolls from old people.

John's going away party before he moved to California.
My going away present to him? Wedgwood.

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