Friday, May 24, 2013

What's up buttercup?

When I was little I loved to do that thing in the springtime with buttercups that little kids do.

Where you pluck one, hold it under your friends chin to see if there is a yellow reflection that will
scientifically determine whether or not your friend does or does not like butter.

Because this was important information you needed to know about your friend.

Kinda looks like a weed.
A fortune-telling-buttery-weed.
I can't recall any kid where the yellow reflection didn't show up, I think that basically means everybody likes butter.
While we're on the subject of the flora and fauna of my childhood, what did you call these?

Whirlygigs? Helicopters?
We called them Pinocchios.
We cut them in half, pulled the edges apart
and stuck the sticky part on our noses
like you know, Pinocchio.


Ok, back to butter.

Butter is good for lots of things, like:

a) Treating a burn - do people really do this?
b) Making a sculpture - again, do people really do this?
c) BAKING with - I'm really glad people really do this.

My friend Laura made these brown butter Milky Way cookies last week that made me almost want to learn how to brown butter myself. Almost.

Here are a few products that tom me are like buttah:

Dove Nourishing Care Shea Butter Soap.
You know I'm a sucker for my plain 'ol Dove Soap. I'm normally not into the various different potions/varieties that they offer but I happen to like this one. Guess why? It has a "warm vanilla scent" to it, and I just can't resist any opportunity to smell more like baked goods. On top of that infamous quarter-cup of moisturizing cream I get a little shot of vanilla in my morning shower. Yum, I like it.

It's like buttah.

Butter London Nail Lacquer.
Yes this nail polish, excuse me, nail lacquer, cost fifteen dollars. Yes that is ridiculous. No I didn't buy it, I borrowed it from a friend who can spend fifteen dollars on nail polish. Yes "lacquer" is more fun to say than polish. Yes I wish I had an extra fifteen bucks to blow on this color called "Trout Pout" because I LOVE IT.

My nails are like buttah.

Bliss Body Butter.
I have always been a fan of this thick, creamy, delicious body butter in the lemon+sage scent. It's all citrusy and yummy smelling, I'd kind of like to spread it on some of those butter cookies that come in that big tin to our office at Christmastime and eat it. But I won't. Instead I'll just slather it on my bod thinking about how far away Christmas is.

Like a big stick of buttah.

So there you go buttercups. 
Some hot from the oven products that I baked up special just for you.
Get out there and put a yellow flower under your chin and see what happens.
I'm guessing it will prove that you do in fact like butter.

And don't look at me all funny when I stick that whirlygig/helicopter deal on my nose.
It's a Pinocchio, and that's what you're supposed to do, silly.

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