Friday, April 26, 2013

Who's your mama?

With Mothers Day approaching (it’s May 12th - don't panic - everything's fine)
I’ve been thinking a lot about my mom and what to get her.
My mom is pretty awesome.
She was and continues to be a great role model of the type of mom I want to be.
She's just a great person.
The queen is pleased.

When I was younger I would write poems for my mom, draw her pictures, make her macaroni art, ceramic ashtrays, tissue paper corsages, and a clay necklace that weighs around thirty pounds that she still wears around her neck every Mother’s Day like a medal of honor. We did and still do a lot of stuff together.

Matching hair? Check.
Matching dress? Check.

Wear red, dry hair, be annoyed.

Workin' it out.

At a parade - again, not amused.

Bizarre Grey Gardens-style portrait of the two of us.

 This year, I want to get her something that she will totally love.
I know it will be hard to top the thirty-pound-1979-medallion, but I’m going to try.

Since I love mine so much, I think I’m gonna give her a Birchbox.

Chock full of goodness.

Last months haul included some of my favorites yet:

Super fancy eye-cream that I have totally been wanting to try.

Sicilian Body Gel, because I want to
smell like oranges and olive oil.

I was wary of the gluten-free/vegan thing,
but these were good.

How could she not love it? Who wouldn’t? She'll get it for three months!
I didn't have to go to the mall! Which kind of sucks, because I love going to the mall.
Click here to find out more about sending a box of beauty-love in the mail to yo' mama.
Mom is totally worth it - every year she still hauls out that medallion and wears it out to brunch.
She can barely walk by the end of the day.
That's love.

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