Friday, March 8, 2013

The gift that keeps on giving.

Have I mentioned that I have what I consider to be the most amazing core group of girlfriends on the planet?
Better than the the girls on Girls, the Sex and the City circle, or even the Golden Girls (yes, EVEN them) we adore each other to pieces.

Laura, Kristen, me, Julie.
Lucky girls.
It’s not always easy to get the four of us together; we all have crazy schedules and busy lives, so when we are able to make that happen it’s damn special. Birthdays are damn special, and are the perfect excuse for us to go out for a long leisurely dinner, cocktails, and if we’re lucky a cake baked by Laura.

Gifts don’t matter – the best gift is that us girls have uninterrupted time together.
Well, that and Laura’s cake.

But this year hot damn! The girls did good in the gift department.
Real good.

It’s like they discovered this perfect thing - the ultimate gift - something that was custom made just for me.
They got me a gift that I will continue to get once a month for the next six months!

They gifted me a Birchbox – which is a box chock full of beauty product samples (not skimpy samples, big samples) that are sent to me based on an online profile that I filled out; so the products are customized for my curly hair, combination skin, and ongoing desire to smell like a cookie.

So the other day when I got home from work here is what I saw:

I never get stuff in the mail!

Opening this beauty up, I felt like it was my birthday all over again.

Like the Jelly of the Month club - but better!

It was filled with such fun goodies! And a Ghirardelli Caramel Square.
What, did they plant a hidden camera in my house? How do they know I love caramel?

My first Birchbox included:

Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle Spray.
A leave in mist for my mane - I like it! It smells really nice and I feel like it is putting some much need moisture back into my hair since the show I was doing, Weekend at Bernie's, closed last week. Bernie's required some major 80's-style teasing and styling. This softens and detangles, makes my hair say , "Aaaaahhh."

Juicy Couture La La.
A pretty, light, floral little perfume sample. I wouldn't buy it, but it's fun to try. When I think of JUICY COUTURE I usually think of those words slapped in giant letters on velour pants across someones butt. This perfume sample helps that visual go away. A little bit.

Vasanti BrightenUp! Face Rejuvenator.
Probably my fave of the box, a microdermabrasion face wash that exfoliates and smells like papaya.
My skin felt super-smooth afterwards and soaked up my moisturizer like it was in the desert dying of thirst. Me likey.

The Balm Hot Mama.
The Balm does such fun packaging, and this color is hot. Can be used on cheeks, lids, and lips too.
I would totally buy this.

I can go onto the Birchbox website and purchase the products I like as well as review them.
Also if I refer a friend I earn points toward product, product, product!

Do my girls know me or what?
I’m pretty damn lucky.
And now I’ll be pretty damn pretty.

Thanks girls.


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  1. Love this post- friendship and beauty both! Your friends are the lucky ones:o)