Friday, March 1, 2013

Lil' thangs.

It’s the little things that make me happy.

The little tiny baby things – it doesn’t take much.

Like the weatherman was wrong, and I didn’t need my umbrella.
Or there’s a two-dollar-off coupon on Dave’s Killer Bread.
Or my boss buys me a latte.
These things put a smile on my mug.

Getting ready for work this morning at 5:30 (yes, I want you to feel sorry for me) today I discovered that there are little things in my daily routine that make me happy. Very happy. Well, as happy as I can be at 5:30 in the morning.

Opening up a box of Dove.
I hate small soap. Washing myself with little, disintegrated soap makes me feel like a giant. It also reminds me of college when I had no money and would scrub myself with that soap chip until it disappeared into some part of my body or slipped down the drain. Neither of these things make me feel particularly good about myself. Since soap comes in a box when I open a new one, I kinda feel like I’m opening a present. “Hey, wow, soap, just what I needed! How did you know?” I also get this same sense of excitement when I open up a wrapped ream of paper in the copy room at work. “Wow! Paper! Awesome!” I told you, this is about the little things.

What could it be???

The "pop" of mascara.
I just like that pop the wand makes when it comes out of the tube. Especially a relatively new, fancy tube. Yesterday I went over to Sephora (shocker) and picked up my birthday gift which included a sample size of benefits They’re Real Mascara, which I expressed my love for in the past. Pop goes the mascara. Pop goes the really good quality, FREE birthday mascara.

Trader Joe’s Colombia Supremo Coffee.
My love and devotion for one Mr. Trader Joe is legendary. I picture him swinging towards me on a vine, swooping me up in his arms, wearing his crazy Hawaiian shirt pointing me toward all the delicious bargains he has in store for me in his wonderful store. Having coffee that comes in a can with a plastic lid reminds me of being a kid. I like it.
Little things.

My NARS Pencil Sharpener.
Who knew there was a difference in different brands of eye/lip pencil sharpeners? THERE IS. After using the same fall apart, mushy-with-remnants-of-color Maybelline sharpener I’ve carried for years that has permanently stained the inside of many a make up bag, I found this goody by NARS recommended by my favorite guy at Sephora. It has a little lid that locks on and catches all the pencil shavings. It fits my favorite chubby lip pencil perfectly. It actually sharpens things, rather than destroying them. Maybelline I love you, but sorry. And NARS? You are so worth the six bucks I spent on you. Little money + sharpened lip pencil = happy Lori.

Peeling off the foil on a new jar of nutella.
Don’t judge me. It’s early. I’m hungry.

The bread was totally on sale!
Little things!

So after writing this I have come to the conclusion that I like opening things. Especially new things – it’s exciting.
Or things that aren’t new but feel new everyday, like the can of coffee or getting the new, fresh color from the lip pencil.

At 5:30 in the morning these things put a smile on my face.
Well maybe not a smile, more like a nutella-covered “it’s too damn early for any of this to be happening” smirk.

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