Friday, January 4, 2013

P is for party.

Happy New Year!

To begin 2013 I have happily found three new products that I think are positively perfect.They are each so pleasant, that a picturesque pretty-pretty princess would find them particularily pleasing.

Did I spit on you with that mouthful?

Anyway - Happy New Year to me, I love these products:

Arbonne Pampermint Foot Scrub/Foot Cream.
Now I have never been a girl who has really thought twice about her tootsies, especially in the winter. Sure I love a good pedicure, someone to rub my feet, looking down and seeing some pretty bright polish staring back at me. But as far as a daily routine to keep my piggy’s pretty? Not so much. Until now. Have you ever wondered how it would feel to have candy canes for feet? You know you have. Because that is what this feels like after a few days of using this stuff – all soft, smooth, tingly and good.
Dear Feet,
I am sorry for neglecting you for so long.
Love, Lori

Gettin' scrubby with it.
Treat your feet by clicking here.

"Party Nail."
So I am a newcomer to the party nail thing and I kind of love it. What the hell is a party nail? One fingernail out of the ten, painted a different color that the rest. Silly, fun, done. I rocked the party nail this holiday season, my ring finger was a little disco ball just waiting to get wasted, dance all night long, make out with several different boys and do the walk of shame home the next morning.


bare escentuals mineral veil Illuminating Face Powder.
I am a sparkly-firecracker girl but I also know I’m not twenty-two anymore (thank God.) But guess what? Every day I slap this sparkly powder on my face and it makes my skin look awesome. Like airbrushed and dewy, hot but not sweaty. It’s velvety smooth and gives me a “photo-finish”, which is so convenient when all those photographers are taking pictures of me. 

My resolution for the upcoming year is to be as dewy, sparkly and tingly as possibile.
I hope you do the same!

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  1. I've been doing the party nail recently, too! Hope you're doing well, Lori!