Friday, November 16, 2012

Tools of the trade.

During my teenage years I spent a lot of time in my room at my desk.

Not studying, writing letters to pen-pals, or reading Great Expectations for the third time, oh no, no, no.

My little white desk in my room served a dual purpose:

Make Up Station
Hair Salon

In retrospect it really was a beautiful piece of furniture that deserved much better treatment. Part of a set from Ethan Allen with matching dresser and nightstand, its drawers did not hold paper, pens and paperclips - but did hold eye liner pencils, extra cans of Stiff Stuff and banana clips.

The finish on it eventually became permanently stained light pink and bronze, splotchy war wounds of 80’s cosmetics that you couldn’t scrub off with Comet.

Which must have been really good for my skin.

There were two tools that I no longer own, but when I think back to my tedious getting-ready-for-school-ritual I can’t picture my morning routine without them. When we would go on a family vacation and I was without these things I was like a lost kid in a department store - nervous and quite scared.

Curly Top Diffuser Dryer.

My Curly Top hairdryer made me feel extra special and super cool because I was the only member of my gang to own one! I was also the only member of my gang who had curly hair so in retrospect, this made sense. Shaped like a mirror, a fan, or as I liked to think of it - a giant lolly - my Curly Top was a hair-dryer and a diffuser combo - it was two, two TWO THINGS IN ONE. Well actually three, as it also made an awesome pretend microphone to belt When Doves Cry into.

Clairol True-to-Light Make Up Mirror.

This illuminated mirror was my pride and joy - every morning I felt like a movie star in her dressing room surrounded by lightbulbs. The mirror had four settings to choose from so you would get the appropriate amount of light to apply your make up:


Back in the day this was all very high tech, as little colored shades of plastic moved in front of the light circles as you changed the settings. From what I remember "office" had a lovely light pink glow to it. Now I didn't work in an office at sixteen, but I sure liked to envision a bunch of sexy secretaries using this setting before taking the morning train and working a nine-to-fiver.

Eventually these trusty tools did retire to my personal Beauty Graveyard.

I sold the movie star mirror for a buck in our garage sale before we moved away from Florida. But old Curly Top? I still had that magic-microphone through college – and was able to introduce my new hippie flat haired friends to it.

You’re welcome, Oregon.

Majored in Curly.

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