Friday, October 12, 2012


There are a few fashion/beauty trends that I am unable to pull off, despite the fact that I really, really want to.

Not because the trends are too expensive/outrageous/unattainable - they just don’t work for me.
For example:

  • The Leggings - Three pairs purchased, each worn in public zero times.

  • The Nail Art - Last holiday season I got a pedicure and had a Christmas tree painted on my big toe. The whole thing made me very uncomfortable. Not for me.

  • The Hairbrush - I would love to be just like Marcia Brady and brush my hair one-hundred times every night before bed to keep it shiny and pretty. I mean, to feel a brush run from the top of my scalp to the end of my roots? Sounds dreamy - but so not happening.

It's not fair!
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

Which leads me to my next I-wish-I-could-use-that-but-I-can’t-product: The dry shampoo.
My friend Laura and I are always super excited to share products we love with each other. The following is an actual conversation I had with her about Pssssst! Instant Dry Shampoo, which she loves:

Do you see how this can says, "NEW LOOK!"
New look from when? The 1950's?

Laura: Lo, you wanna try my dry shampoo I’ve been telling you about?

Me: YES!

Laura: Spray around your hairline and your scalp.

(I do this, it feels cool and tingly! I walk away from the mirror.)

Me: Thanks, I like it!

Laura: Wait, Lo, you have to brush it.

Me: I can’t brush my hair.

Laura: What do you mean you can’t brush your hair?
Me: I haven’t brushed my hair since I was a little girl, you can’t put a brush through this.

Laura: Well look in the mirror!

I notice white foamy strips on my head where I had sprayed the Pssssst. It looked like that snow-in-a-can that people spray on their windows at Christmastime.

What happened next was five-minutes of Laura chasing after me with a hairbrush and me ducking away from her, laughing like a crazy person while she hollered at me how I "couldn’t walk around like that, with the white stuff outlining my head."

The chase ends with Laura attempting to brush my hair, and me yelling that if she touches my hair with a brush how it's going to look all frizzy for the rest of the day. It ends with her exhausted, eventually giving up. Poor Laura.

Pssssst! This sucks!
So, dry shampoo, you are now on my list along with the leggings and the Christmas tree on my toe.

On my non-shampoo days I'll stick to doing what I do best - when all else fails, add more hairspray.

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  1. 1. I'll take your leggings.
    2. I huffed that canned snow as a young impressionable pre-teen.
    3. I want video of the chase.