Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer lovin'.

As a kid summer meant several good things - really good things, like:

No school
The ice cream man
Lightning bugs
Looooong days
Bike rides on my sweet yellow bike with banana seat/rainbow tassels
Slush puppies

As an adult, that list is kind of hard to top.
I mean come on...lightning bugs?
How am I supposed to compete with lightning bugs?

Adult summer is not as fun.
In adult summer, there is:

Considering my workout for the day chasing down the ice cream man
No lightning bugs (I live in Portland)
Looooong days
Torturous spin class on painful, evil bike seat
Looking at myself in a three-way-mirror as I try on bathing suits

So I have to find some treats to make my adult summer fun!
Hang on - the more I say "adult summer" the more I realize how much it sounds like a Cinemax movie that would be on late on a Friday night.


Here are some summer loves/obsessions that are causing a heat wave at my house:

Lush bath balm MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment bath bomb.
Who loves s'mores? I do! Who loves soaking in a fizzy tub of pink candy marshmallow fluffy goodness? I DO! I love LUSH products and I especially love this bath bomb. It is shaped like a cupcake, it fizzes and melts slowly releasing softening, skin soothing cocoa butter and almond oil into the water. Have you seen those Campfire marshmallows at the store lately that are gi-normous? Like as big as a softball? That is what this reminds me of. It's like dessert for the tub.

Cupcake in the tub? Check.

eos Lip Balm in Summer Fruit.
Move over Suzy Chapstick. Why does this lip balm make me happy? I don't know - maybe because it is the easiest lip balm EVER to find in the bottom of my big 'ol bag! And it's cheap, like $3.50 and when I pull it out people always gravitate over to me to ask, "what's that?" A sweet juicy little ping pong ball of balm that smells super fruity - that's what!
Ball of balm? Check.

Sonia Kashuk - A Powerful Punch Mini Nail Set.
How fun are these summer colors? You get four cute little mini bottles which for me is perfect, as I seem to buy a nail polish and get halfway through it before I get bored - especially with these trendy brights. You get a bright summer red, a sassy gold, pretty plum and my fave of the fab four – a brilliant turquoise. And for $9.99 at Target?  If you’re like me you’ll go there for the polish and come out with a frame from the clearance section, some Ziploc bags, and a big ol’ Rubbermaid container.

Turquoise toes? Check.

Summer Boardwalk Candle by Bath and Body Works.
This candle makes my house smell like cotton candy and a caramel apple had a baby. 'Nuff said.

Coney Island in my living room? Check.

Wanna drag out the blue plastic kiddie pool and go for a dip?
I'll put on my new suit in the privacy of my backyard and make us vodka Slush Puppies. summer.
Not so bad, really.


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  1. Found your blog by accident. Love your writing, relating to so much of it. We must be about the same age. If you ever find a Slush Puppie machine in Oregon or SW Washington you must let me know. One of my fondest memories is spending my berry picking money on them. :) All the best to you.