Friday, July 13, 2012

Not your average joe.

There are certain stores that I am happy to mindlessly wander in. I may not be in need of anything or have cash burning a hole in my pocket to spend, but they are places I enjoy going to, just to hang out. I kind of think of these places as an extension of home - simply because I enjoy the atmosphere, the products, and the fact that the people that work there are super-nice to me.

I could live at Nordstrom, right? It has everything I need! Work clothes, going-out-with-the-girls clothes, make up, undies, pretty bras, fragrance, shoes, fancy lingerie to sleep in and a café to eat in. And hundreds of salespeople to tell me how great my bag is, how cute my hair is, and how fantastic that outfit looks on me!

There are three places that I especially enjoy doing a mindless-lunch-hour stroll in:

Nordstrom for a lovely appetizer.
Trader Joe’s for my meat and potatoes.
Sephora for my sweet dessert.

I know...I know, one of these things is not like the other…

Health food.
I love Trader Joe’s so much I applied for part time work there a few years ago when I was in need of a little extra cabbage. I never ended up working there but I fantasized about how great my life would be if I got to put on that crazy Hawaiian shirt and ring the big brass bell at my checkout stand everyday. And samples! They have samples!

I love their products and I love the cheery atmosphere there – everyone is so happy at Trader Joe’s! And I love their big bags of salted almonds, falafel chips, and Joe-Joe's cookies (or as I like to call them, “Healthy Oreos”)

Recently I found an unexpected love at Joe’s – something that is non-food related – holy guacamole, right?

Nourish All in One Facial Cleanser is my latest steal/deal that I can’t stop talking about. I had to really seek it out, sitting there on the shelf looking all natural and unassuming in its blah packaging – it looks more like hand soap than the amazing take-off-your-day facial cleanser that it is. For a measly $5.99, I gladly threw it in my cart along with the Naan bread and Mediterranean hummus that I was excited about…now I was even more excited!

I love a facial cleanser that:

A) Is all foamy.
B) Has no perfumy scent.
C) Allows me to open my eyes when I am using it without getting the feeling that they are going to burn out of their sockets.

This little treasure has all that, and did I mention it was $5.99? I think I did.

When it passed the I-can-open-my-eyes test, left my face feeling squeaky clean, and caused no irritation or breakouts after a few weeks of use I was sold. It was formulated by a dermatologist, so…it’s all good.

Nourish, where have you been hiding? You have been right there at one of my favorite places all along.

It's like that cute guy friend, who was always fun to hang out with, and nice, but you never thought of him “that way.”

Appearances can be deceiving – fancy and flashy on the outside can stink on the inside.
The guy in the Hawaiian shirt would never leave your eyes stinging and burning like Mr. Fancypants would.


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  1. and egg white salad - my new tj's fave (this is kristen)