Friday, June 29, 2012

I got a million of them.

Dream job:
1) Show up.
2) Drink milshake. 
What comes to mind when I say “million”?

· Winning this weeks Powerball?

· Millions of Milkshakes grand opening in Dubai with special guest Kim Kardashian?

· A really great mascara?

Sad but true – I think of all three of these things.

I dream of winning the Powerball millions, flying to Dubai to drink a milkshake and have some girl time with Kim while we sip, chat, and apply our L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara.

Just a guess - I’m pretty sure Kim would pile on a few more coats than yours truly.

Drug store mascara – I would never stray from it!

It is my cheapie product indulgence where I can afford to have several brands/colors/formulas. Why spend thirty dollars on Yves Saint Laurent when you can spend seven on something just as good?

They say you should replace your mascara every three months, so if you got the spendy mascara, that would be like $120 a year. Right? I think. Sorry…I don’t have a calculator in front of me right now. So, anyway, you could save…ummm…errrr…I don’t know, you could save a lot of money if you stuck with the seven dollar stuff.

I was a theatre major, ok? Seven is way less than thirty.

A recent addition to my make up goodie bag is this shiny gold tube. L’Oreal makes so many fantastic mascaras for under ten smackers – Voluminous, Lash Out, Double Extend, all great products. So I thought I’d try this puppy out to see if she was a worthy addition to the family.

Voluminous Million Lashes is a million dollar winning scratch-it in my book. I have puny lashes and this plumped up the volume a great deal after just one coat. I love the long, thin, flexible brush that coats every little lash, even the tiny ones in the corner. Simply put – my eyelashes look long and lush and because of the fancy bristles on the fancy brush. Oh, and it’s long wearing too, how’s that for good mascara? Pretty damn good.

So spend your pennies and make millions and let me know if you love this mascara as much as I do.

And don’t make me do any more math, for the love of God.

Now this, I understand.

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  1. To get thicker lashes without all the layering and shopping around for the 'right' mascara, I really like Neulash. ( can use a less expensive mascara because my lashes grow in longer and thicker.