Friday, May 11, 2012

Life is a mystery.

Of course I was excited when I head that Madonna was putting out her first fragrance - for years I have waited to smell just like her!

Here is what I imagined Truth or Dare would smell like:

Strike a pose.
Gay dancers
Platinum hair
Beauty Marks
Fishnet stockings
Pointy boobs
English accents
Sean Penn
Warren Beatty

I adore Madge, and have always held her high on my list of pop icons, fashion icons, and everything else in life icons.

I changed my clothes on the school bus in eighth grade so I could dress like her (my parents would not let me leave the house looking like that.) I took voice lessons so I could (attempt to) sing like her. I drew a black dot above my lip so I could have a fake mole like her (mine looked more like a gypsy-mole you would have slapped on your face as part of your Halloween costume. Sexy.) If I could have crawled inside Madonna and become Madonna, I totally would have done that too. I love every incarnation of her – let the haters hate; I think Madonna is awesome.

So perhaps I am a little biased, thinking that her perfume, is also, awesome.

And I also enjoyed a nice old-fashioned game of truth or dare back in the day…

I would always choose “dare” praying I would be dared to make out with the cute boy. Instead I was usually dared to do things like take off my shirt and run around the outside of the house in a circle banging a pot with a wooden spoon in my bra.

Not exactly the dare what I was hoping for.

Holy water.
Her Madgesty's fragrance, Truth or Dare (DARE!) is a mix of sensual and floral notes and is sexy and completely feminine - Gardenia, tuberose and jasmine layered with with subtle hints of amber and vanilla. Don’t get me wrong though...this is definitely not one of those sugar cookie concoctions - this scent is very adult, confident, and intoxicating - just like the woman behind the fragrance!

The bottle looks like its wearing a little Pope hat - naturally! Very Gothic and pretty in bright white and gold.

So…truth or dare? This time, TRUTH.

Truth is, when I spray this perfume on, I feel really good.

I also feel really good when I have to take a break from washing to dishes to dance like a maniac in my kitchen to Like a Prayer.

Madonna just makes me feel good.

And truth ain’t so bad – truth coulda saved me back in the day from banging a pot with a spoon in my bra in front of a bunch of people.

But looking back, dare was way more fun.

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