Friday, April 27, 2012

Why dew birds suddenly appear?

I adore me some cute packaging – it is – shall we say – adorable?

And when what is on the inside of the adorable packaging matches the awesomeness of what's on the on the outside???


Also described as smelling
of "exotic wood", which I
think was the B-Side on Prince's
"I would die 4 U".
Love and Toast body lotion in Dew Blossom is that perfect combination.

A ridiculously delicious scented body lotion all wrapped up in a cutesy package to proudly display on your bathroom counter.

On days when I want to smell lightly of a kiss of dew - and heck, who doesn’t have those days - this is my go to lotion. I don’t have to layer it with any perfume - it kind of stands on its own. The scent is delicate and spring-y, with notes of jasmine, white floral and juicy fig. When I smell it, the word that comes to mind is “pretty”, a refreshing change from my usual “yummy” vanilla-based scents, lotions and potions.

The product name makes me happy too, Love and Toast.

I love love - and I love toast!

Back in the day, my mom used to make me cinnamon toast for breakfast in the morning - white bread dripping with butter topped with a cinnamon/sugar mixture that would crunch between your teeth when you bit down. She would concoct this crack-like magic mixture and keep it in a small jar next to the spices in the kitchen. I would sneak spoonfuls of it from time to time, minus the toast.

A this lotion.

Okay, so maybe I don’t love toast as much as I loved that mixture my mom made (I think there were little crumbles of butter floating around in that jar too….mmmmm) but back to business, I do love this lotion.

If you are ready for a lotion that will bust you out of the winter blahs, get yourself some Love and Toast.

Did I mention it comes in a square bottle?
My buds are about to burst.

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