Thursday, April 5, 2012

I want candy.

When I was little we had a small crystal glass candy bowl that was kept in our living room. This candy bowl continued to both thrill and torment me throughout my adolescence.

My mom would keep it filled to the rim with Brach’s pick-a-mix candies, including Milk-Maid Royals (yum), Neapolitan Coconuts (ick) Jelly Nougats (meh) and the grand pappy of them all, Brach’s Caramels (SWOON.)

I would sneak the caramels out of the bowl, opening the cellophane wrapped chewy squares as quietly as I could - which is not an easy task. Then I would savor each one, chewing until my jaw was sore. When my mom would pass through the living room and look at me suspiciously I would halt my chewing for the moment, letting the sweet saliva pool up in the corners of my mouth until she would finally leave. I would gasp for air and silently curse her for ruining that last delicious bite.

What followed sneaking the caramels was a sophisticated, covert cover up operation. I was like a master sculptor, arranging the yucky jelly nougats and Neapolitans in such a way that it appeared as if the candy bowl was still full. If I could have majored in this skill in college and turned it into a career, I totally would have.

When Mom would ask me if I had gotten into the candy bowl I would of course lie and say no. When she would ask me where the caramels had gone I would blame my brother, who was like three at the time, could never reach the bowl and would choke on a chewy caramel. She grew suspicious.

See, I never understood the purpose of the living-room-candy-bowl. What was the purpose of the candy if you weren’t allowed to eat the candy???

Easter Sunday was the one day of the year where all bets were off and I was allowed to eat candy from sun up to sun down without getting the stink eye from Mom.

6:30 a.m? Found my basket! Candy.
Noon? Lunchtime! Candy.
10:30 p.m. in my bed? One last piece of candy.

Thank you Easter Bunny.

Today, I am attempting to fulfill my craving for sweets in a new way.

Candy perfume by Prada is sweet and delicious. It is sweet, warm, spicy, and has notes of vanilla, musk and - you guessed it - CARAMEL.

Candy is a nice change for me compared to some of my super-sweet sugar fragrances that I love to wear like Pink Sugar, Lavanila, or Laura Mercier Crème Brulee. Prada’s fragrance is a little more of a sophisticated, grown up candy. Less sticky sweet – you don’t have to worry about getting a cavity with this one.

And can we talk cute packaging? The fun, vibrant, yummy hot pink and orange bottle along with the name are what drew me to try it.

So have yourself some candy this weekend.

Spritz it on in the morning as you have your Cadbury Crème Egg for breakfast with your Peeps.

Bonus points if you wear an Easter bonnet. Or bunny ears.

Me on the right, wary of the granny-Easter-chick outside of
The House of Linens at the mall.


  1. Great story. I got here via Pinterest, where that Brachs pic was posted. I have my own tale of petty Brachs mischief, except it was from a grocery store (Lucky's to be exact). Feel free to drop by and have a read!

  2. Love the photos on your site! And I still love the caramels from the pick a mix.