Friday, March 16, 2012

Read it and red it.

For the past eight years I have worked at an investment firm; and for the past eight years I have ignored the multiple copies of The Wall Street Journal strewn throughout the office.

It’s like it’s written in a foreign language – a language called money.

But this morning, as I was grabbing it to toss on my boss' desk something happened that has never happened before. Something caught my eye on the front page of “The Journal.”

I can refer to it now as The Journal since I have read it once, right? I can be all cool and use that slang...The Journal, The Times, The Voice, you know what I’m saying...I enjoy my periodicals.

So here is what got my attention, a teaser on the top of the front page:

The Bold Era in Lipstick

I hurriedly tossed aside the boring sections of the paper and grabbed my important story. My mind raced - they write about lipstick in The Journal? Why had nobody told me this before???

What I imagine myself looking like
in red lipstick.
The article talks about how bright lips are in right now. Like waaaay in. Old school Hollywood lips are now being thought of like a new accessory – and I love a new accessory.

So I decided to go out and get bold with my lips, even though that has kind of scared me in the past. I knew a few things going into picking out that perfect bright shade:
  • I wanted more of a red, rather than a pink or coral.
  • I wanted to spend less than twenty bucks.
  • I was going to need help.
I also knew that when you do a bight color on your lips, you want to tone down the rest of your face. The article suggested putting on your pout first (usually my last step, like the frosting on the cake) and put the rest of your face on, sparingly, based around your lips.

Kind of like when I plan an entire outfit around a bracelet – OK, I was up for this challenge.

I knew right where to go - right where I could get this red situation taken care of bing-bang-boom.

It was a no brainer - I went to the MAC counter.

MAC knows bold, MAC knows red, and MAC knows a good price point, coming in at $14.50.

I explained to my MAC artist what I was looking for. She gave me the once over and on the first try pulled out the perfect red for me.

Russian Red is my red. A blue-based matte lipstick, this red was a huge departure from my usual natural everyday gloss.

After she applied it, I felt like a 50's move star, ready for my close up.

On my walk back to the office I noticed my reflection in a window and saw my pretty red lips shining back at me.

The article was right, this is my new favorite accessory! And I had it all along, it just needed a coat of paint to make it exciting and new.

So now I'm off for a coffee break, to sip my cappuccino, peruse my stolen-from-work copy of The Journal, and feel sassy about my new red lips.

What I look like in red lipstick. 


  1. Done and Done. I'm gonna go check out the MAC counter!

    1. Go Brooke go! Let me know what you end up getting and what you think.