Friday, February 17, 2012

You sexy mother pucker.

A few years back lip plumping glosses were all the rage, with scary product names like Lip Inflation, Lip Injection and Lip Venom. Yikes! Everyone wanted to look like Angelina with a full, pretty sexy pout.

I want to look like Angelina too – but I don’t want to turn that corner, go the wrong way and look like I am on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

This week I had a Valentine’s Day lunch with two girlfriends who love to share good product with me. In honor of all thinks pink, girly and sassy, during lunch they presented me with Soap and Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss.

Now I have tried these types of glosses in the past with various results. Some made my lips a bit more pouty, some did nothing at all, and some made my lips feel like they were about to burn up and fall off of my face – I didn’t care for those ones so much.

When applied, this sexy mutha plumpa has just the right amount of buzz and tingle – there is smoke, but no fire.

Pink. Pretty. Pouty. Plumpy.

The packaging is all pink and sweet and retro, with a 50’s glamour puss on the box, stating, “Fasten Your Seatbelts! It’s SEXY!”


My flavor of choice? Candy Gloss.
I think I have found my new stage name.

My girlfriends and I each put it on right before our California rolls and tempura were set in front of our faces. The conversation went a little something like this:

Amy: “Oh my God, do you guys feel that yet?”

Tracie: “No, nothing.”

Me: “Nothing, I think with all of the product I have slapped on my lips over the years they are immune.”

Amy: “Are you kidding me? My lips are like vibrating, they are tingling like crazy.”

Tracie: “Oh...wait...WAIT. There it is.”

(I reached for the tube and put on another coat)

Me: “Woooooahhhh…I like it. How do my lips look?”

Amy and Tracie: “Shiny! Pretty! Pouty!”

I ate my rolls really fast so I could put another coat on stat.

Then when I got back to the office and an hour went by I was craving more.
What do they put in this stuff?

I guess this is my new drug of choice. I am an addict. A plump-a-holic. When it comes to this Sexy Mother Pucker, I have to just say yes.

Lips like sugar...sugar kissing!

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