Thursday, February 2, 2012

One! Singular scentsation.

I was very busy during the early nineties.

I was out at Soundgarden concerts meeting cute boys, getting tattoos while holding hands with cute boys, wearing flannel shirts that belonged to cute boys and spraying on massive amounts of a unisex fragrance because apparently - I wanted to smell like a cute boy.

CK One perfume came out in 1994 and I was all over that stink like stink on a monkey.
A monkey who likes to stink like both a man monkey and a woman monkey.

Kate Moss and her skinny friends, both men and women, were all over billboards, magazines and television in all their black and white glory wearing bras, undies and all smelling the same, like “two bodies, two souls, merged into the heat and passion of ONE.”

This looks fun.
Um, okay. The scent was so heavy and musky, with notes of bergamot, cardamom, pineapple, papaya and green tea. Was I wearing a perfume or was I making a stew? I wasn’t quite sure.

I had it in my head from the very animalistic ads that if I wore this scent, I could somehow attract a man who was also wearing the same scent and we would have this amazing, sexy, skinny, smelly life together.

Nobody at the Soundgarden concert was wearing the same perfume as me.

I gave my barely used bottle of CK One to my brother when I was done with it. Blech.

As much as I love to smell all sweet and sugary like a cookie today I also do love the smell of a good men’s cologne. And I love an exotic, sexy fragrance.

Boyfriend perfume is all the good stuff that CK One had going for it, without turning into that musky black and white stew.

Vanilla, jasmine blossoms, sandalwood and amber notes make this a sensual, spicy scent. It’s like you just borrowed your boyfriends shirt and it has his sexy smell on it. Not that old nineties flannel shirt that he just lifted weights in or worked on the car in, more like a long day at the office double martini after work shirt.


When I tried it on I couldn’t stop smelling my wrist. That’s when I know a perfume passes the test. I had to go pick up this guy up.

I love my new boyfriend - he is not only sweet, he has a spicy side too.

Isn't he cute?

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