Friday, January 20, 2012

Am I blue?

Back in the day, I wore copious amounts of blue eye make up.

Items of note:
1. Blue shadow
2. Paisley jacket
3. Friends' awesome headband
My baby brown peepers were a stark contrast to the electric blue I smeared onto my poor little eyeballs. Blue shadow, blue liner, all topped off with insanely electric blue mascara. I remember my Wet ‘n Wild tube of blue mascara that I would cake on resulting in a look that was a cross between Tammy Faye Baker and the entire cast of The Smurfs.

Up until recently I have tried - and failed - in finding that perfect shade of blue that looks good on a dark eyed, dark haired, Italian girl.

I have several pencils in various shades of aqua, navy, lapis, baby, and slate blue that now reside in my children’s colored pencil box. They were beginning to become artistic as I was beginning to lose hope.

Until now.

My new eyeliner and latest obsession which my boys will not be using at craft time is by Laura Mercier. Black Turquoise is that perfect shade of back and blue together – exactly what I was looking for.

The texture is soft and creamy (I loathe a tough as lead eyeliner pencil - ouch) and the color is shimmery and stunning. More teal than turquoise, it has smoky dark undertones that completely work with my skin tone. I use it with a real neutral taupe shadow and bada-bing - blue finally works on me!

So if at first you don’t succeed…try, try again. I did, and I found my blue.
And my four year old went through his "blue phase" with his artwork.

Color us blue.

Items of note:
1. Screaming blue eye makeup
2. Mouth full of braces
3. Mom's awesome giant cat head shirt

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  1. umm wow! I can't take my eyes off your mom's shirt.