Friday, November 18, 2011

A picture worth framing.

What did you have for lunch today?

Ham on rye?
Slice of pizza?
Cuppa chowder?

Today on my lunch hour instead of eating, I decided I should go and get some hair ripped out of my body.

I quickly ate at my desk and then rushed in my car to see Julia at Ethereal Day Spa. She is a master waxer and all around cool person. You want a cool person pouring hot wax on you. Especially when the hair is on your face and you are in a hurry and on your lunch hour.

For my main course today I decided to go with the eyebrows – what did you expect? I wasn’t about to go with the full-meal-deal then have to come and sit for four more hours at work, if-you-know-what-I-mean.

I wanted a little pick me up, something cheap, so I thought what the hell.

Once and a while I have my brows tended to, I don’t know why I don’t keep up on them. Because I always love the way it looks, it’s almost like getting a mini face lift, or a little Botox, but a lot cheaper and without the botulism.

So...I fly in my car across the bridge to get to Julia, I lay down on a heavenly downy bed, bing, bang, boom, I have new sassy eyebrows. I struggle to get up from the comfort of the heavenly bed, fly back across the bridge, rush back to my desk and notice that I sit a little bit taller and feel like a million bucks.

Totally worth the fifteen I paid to have it done.

Lunch Special.

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