Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm bringing sexy back.

Remember Stiff Stuff?

If there would have been a Stiff Stuff Fan Club back in the mid-eighties I could have been the President.

Stiff stuff was more than a hairspray; it was an industrial strength glue, a varnish, a shellac. Stiff Stuff was my drug of choice; I used it religiously to achieve...well...this:

Four of my mom's heads = one of my heads.

Stiff Stuff allowed me to survive Hurricane Elena in 1985 in Tampa, Florida while still looking fabulous. My father dubbed my hair “hurricane-proof.” It was so stiff thanks to the stuff, it could have stood up to a tornado, a monsoon, and a tsunami. Golf ball sized hail bounced off of my helmet head thanks to the protection of Stiff Stuff.

Remember the can? So…perfectly…80’s. Big yellow cap, and a white can with those turquoise, lime green and hot pink cool new-wavy graphics? Makes me feel like I am back in the third row of the Information Society concert just thinking about it.

Removing Stiff Stuff from my hair was a bit of a process – before getting in the shower to wash my hair I would have to take a pick and pull through all of the dried goo. You know how shampoo bottles say, “Rinse, Lather, Repeat?” With Stiff Stuff you actually had to do the “repeat” part.

Today I think I have found a modern day Stiff Stuff, that isn’t quite as…well…1985.

Big Sexy Hair - The All Nighter is like a good man – strong, not tacky, and lasts a looong time. It resists humidity and provides really good hold while adding shine. It is my go to spray for dramatic up dos, it keeps my hair big, sexy, and secure.

I’m not so sure if The All Nighter makes my hair hurricane-proof, which is probably a good thing.

David Coverdale from Whitesnake???
Oh, no, wait...that's just me.



  1. LMAO....I found this blog by accident, but I have to tell you Lori...I TOO SURVIVED HURRICANE ELENA because of "Stiff Stuff". Anyone with decent hair used it back then. I was evacuated from my apartment, right over the Howard Franklin bridge in St.Pete during Elena. I ended up in a condo, with MANY friends, that was owned by my husbands company in Tampa. We had a hurricane party and some of the girls ended up on the roof of this high rise during the hurricane. Our hair didn't MOVE! LOL...thank you for the memory!

  2. I used Stiff Stuff by the case. I still miss it! I use Freeze IT now. Thanks for the memories!

  3. I used it too! You've heard of Texas big hair in the late 80s and early 90 s it's where I lived.

    1. Thanks Amy--if you were in Texas in the late '80s you know exactly what I'm talking about...

  4. I loved this stuff! It was the only thing that held my hair at all. And literally----my hair hit the roof of a car after a bump and it seriously cracked off! Not even kidding.