Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I’m a belie-ber.

When I am in need a shopping buddy - I call Laura.

Among a million other things that Laura does for me, here are two important things shopping-related things that she can do:

• Justify what may seem like a ridiculous purchase.
• Talk me out of buying something I may regret tomorrow.

She’s just good at that stuff.

We have known each other for over sixteen years and have shopped the world together. Laura and I met while performing for the troops on a Department of Defense tour – we spent most of our down time shopping or trying to figure out where the good shopping was in whatever country we were in. I ended up lugging home some great purchases (wool peacoat from Korea that I still wear today) as well as some crummy purchases (tea pot from Japan with sleeping cat on the lid.)

Last Friday Laura and I had lunch together but we never got to the eating part – we were too busy scouring the aisles of Sephora, where we are like kids in a candy store. A candy store…full of MAKE UP!

We are in our element, I am showing her sparkly eye shadow and she is showing me Tarte lip gloss sticks. We mosey on to the back of the store to take a stroll by the fragrance section.

I am looking for Fendi, which I wore in the tenth grade, just to take a whiff to see if it is as stinky as I remember it being when I am distracted by a purple and hot pink flowery bottle.

I pick it up, jokingly, and show it to Laura.

“I heard that stuff actually isn’t too bad”, she says.
“Seriously???” I am shocked.

We spray it on the paper testers and take a whiff.

Kind of yummy – it passes the initial test and we spray it on our wrists.

Really yummy.

I put the bottle down and continue to wander around the sore and continue to smell my wrists. Oh Lord, I like this perfume.


Someday by Justin Bieber is fruity and delicious, just like The Biebs himself. No wonder I like it, it’s all creamy and food-like with notes of vanilla, mandarin, wild berries, and juicy pear.

I spent eighteen bucks and got the roller ball perfume, I really wanted the full size bottle that came with the “crystal-encrusted heart shaped charm that can be removed and attached to a keychain or zipper pull – so I can carry Justin’s heart wherever I go.”


Beliebe it - I bought it.
I was having a hard time throwing thirty-five smackers Justin’s way…knowing how he really needs the money and all. Then I found out that 100% off the proceeds of Someday go to charity. Now I have no idea what charity it is, none whatsoever. But when the salesperson told me that I was up at the counter getting my debit card out, I was doing something good. For humanity.

As I walked out the door with Laura I was all buzzy and happy, because of my new purchase - but also felt a little dirty - because of my new purchase.

I looked over my shoulder at Laura as I sniffed my wrist again.

“Don’t judge…” I said, seeing a smirk on her face.

“I’m not judging you,” she said, “I’m giving you warm support and nodding approvingly.”

Now that’s a good friend.

This child knows what I like to smell like.


  1. Doesn't that ad make it look like the girl is smelling the perfume on him?


  2. I've seen that bottle too, and I'm sort of confused. Don't people usually create their signature fragrance for their own gender? At least to start off? Examples: Sean Jean, Usher, Mariah Carey, etc. I know Paris Hilton has a men's line, but she's a whore. Anyway, I think its funny Justin has a women's fragrance and that the packaging is so very feminine. I'm also a little embarrassed to admit that the Jessica Simpson fragrance is not all that awful.