Wednesday, November 2, 2011

If not now, wen.

I am a sucker for buying things off of the TV.

Like I love to watch infomercials, especially those half hour ones totally devoted to one product. Ones that involve “characters” can suck me in even more, like that one for the Magic Bullet. I stop on that puppy anytime it’s on and let me tell you, it’s on A LOT. I love watching Hazel in her housecoat sitting at the kitchen counter with a ciggy dangling out of her mouth and seeing surly Berman take a sip of that smoothie that includes vegetables…and liking it!

Yay Berman!

"Yuck, I hate broccoli!" ~ Berman

Right now I am secretly pining for the Ahh Bra (just shop your top!), Pajama Jeans (pajamas you live in, jeans you sleep in!), and some Oxy Clean (It’s not clean unless it’s OXY CLEAN!)

When I was home on maternity leave I started ordering things off of QVC; that was a turning point in my life. I knew it was time to put on some clothes, (that were not Pajama Jeans) some make up, air myself out and go shopping at an actual store.

Then along came Chaz Dean and his wen haircare system…and I was once again, a goner.

What had I been thinking, using regular shampoo all of my life? Up until now, it has been stripping my hair and scalp of their natural oils. Wen claims to take the place of five (yes five) products that apparently I should be using everyday:

• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Deep Conditioner
• Detangler
• Leave-In Conditioner

I was so happy to have one product to take the place of all of these other pesky products but was a little confused; I was currently using only two out of five of these products - and not on a daily basis.

So thank God this infomercial came into my life, right?

Chaz Dean and his piercing blue eyes
that make you buy things.
What made me want wen was of course, the infomercial – Chaz Dean (celebrity-stylist? I had no idea) takes sixty minutes to walk me through his showcase showdown of pretty girls with a variety of hair types, testimonials, and “but-wait-there’s-more” incentives. And the whole shebang is hosted by none other than Laura Ingalls herself, Miss Melissa Gilbert.

Watching a childhood icon and Chaz banter back and forth about hair care set off an explosion in my brain that forced me to pick up the phone and buy now. Now. NOW!

I love getting shit in the mail - it’s like Christmas! Even if I paid for it, it's like getting a present - even though I paid for it myself and I totally know it’s coming, it’s still like a present.

Wen my wen arrived (tee-hee) I could hardly wait for the morning to take my shower and experience my new, favorite product. It even came with a free comb - thank you Chaz Dean! I was mentally planning what outfit I would wear to work the next day that would best go with my new fantastic looking hair!

So along comes the next morning, and, well, ummmm...

My hair is thick and curly and the only time I am ever able to comb through it is wen (ugh) I comb through my conditioner in the shower. But I wasn’t able to get through the tangles in my hair…not even with the free comb.

Wen (enough already) I got out and dried my hair, instead of feeling moisturized and healthy it felt weighed down and heavy. And it looked a little frizzy. Not shiny and lustrous like the girls wearing the wen t-shirts in the infomercial.

I think I have used this product before and it has another name - Pert.
That was another shampoo/conditioner in one that didn’t really work for me.

Sorry Chaz Dean, that wen went under my bathroom sink to the graveyard of products that don’t work for me but cost too much for me to just throw away. Have fun under there wen, along with the blush that was too orange for me, the face wash that burns my eyes, and the vanilla lotion that gave me a rash.

I did keep the comb though.

It’s a nice, wide toothed one that I use to comb through the conditioner that I use in my hair – BECAUSE MY HAIR NEEDS CONDITIONER.

So if you’re looking for the girl with the fanciest $29.95 comb on the block in her shower, that would be me.

And for some strange reason I still stop on the infomercial wen (kill me) it comes on, and I have to stop myself from picking up the phone and ordering it…again.


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  1. We are the same way! This is our new favorite. I can't wait to wear mine to our next tailgating party!