Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Work it.

I work in an office.

A bit of a “conservative dress” type of office.

I miss the days of working at a staffing service where on Halloween I could come to work dressed as Wednesday Addams.

Or when I worked at the real estate office and came to work as a bag of jelly beans. That year I had to stand most of the day – every time I sat down I would pop another balloon.

That wouldn’t really fly here.

But there are some fun things I can do, that are acceptable, in a sneaky way.

Because it is the most wonderful time of the year – the month of October!

Nail it.
Who loves dark nail polish?
I do! I do!
I can wear my OPI polish in Lincoln Park After Dark or my Chanel Vamp without getting flack from anybody. When my boss asks, “Is that for Halloween?” I can answer with a resounding yes, while looking down and admiring my near-black fun and funky fingers.

paint it (almost) black.

Stocking up.
You can totally wear fishnet stockings to work on Halloween. I think it is written into the Constitution somewhere and is totally acceptable. You can say you are “dressing up” for the holiday while secretly just feeling sexy and sassy about yourself. HAH! If you’re not into fishnets, how about the black and white Wicked Witch stockings, that is acceptable too. Extra points for adding a witch hat. Total admiration if you paint yourself green and add a wart.

True or false.
False eyelashes also work on the 31st. I will be wearing my funky bat ring and batting my eyelashes as I talk to clients. It’s Halloween for the love of God – leave me alone.

Bottom line, do something on the 31st. At least sport some black and orange, please.

I already I feel like I put on a costume everyday, donning a blazer and playing an Executive Assistant for eight hours a day Monday through Friday. Give me one day a year to put on some falsies and fishnets.

My two secretary costumes.

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