Thursday, October 6, 2011

These are a few of my favorite ka-things.

I sing songs to myself - a lot.

I like to insert family members/dead pets/childhood friends into songs. Sometimes these little ditties come out funny, most of the time they come out stupid, and sometimes they come out just plain wrong (like when I insert my three year olds son’s name into “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry or "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse.)

I also love to sing commercial jingles.

One from childhood that goes through my head quite a bit was for the toy Ker-Bangers, a best seller from the early 80's. At any given moment, at the bank, the grocery store, or at work if you say a word that starts with a “ker” sound or a word that might rhyme with “bangers” - you betcha this is jingle is going through my head:

“Ker-Bangers on the left, Ker-Bangers on the right, Ker-Bangers…Ker-Bangers…OUTTA SIGHT!”

Ker-Bangers were two balls on two rope strings connected by a plastic handle. You would move the handle up and down to make the balls bang together and then move your hand faster to get them banging against each other furiously from the top and the bottom. I am guessing Ker-Bangers were taken off of the market due to multiples cases of children’s wrists breaking – these things were deadly. My forearms were so black and blue I’m surprised no teachers ever approached me asking how things were going at home. I can still hear that click-clack-click-clack sound of them banging together when I could get them going just right. And I can still hear the jingle going through my head, 24-7. And whenever I see Alec Baldwin in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross pull out those brass balls I think of my good ol' Ker-Bangers.

A-Always, B-Be, C-Clanging your Ker-Bangers.
Caboodles did not have a jingle that I can remember but in my book Caboodles didn’t need one. My Caboodle was like a fishing tackle box for my make up, brushes, hair scrunchies and various accessories. It went to every slumber party, teenage fashion show, and was backstage with me during any high school play I was involved in. My Caboodle was pink and aqua and I loved it and carried it with me for years, toting it around with me up through college.

It always made me feel like some glamorous woman from the 1950’s, boarding a train with her big leopard print make up case, clutching the shiny black handle with a gloved hand. Except I was going to the Tampa Bay Mall clutching cheap pink plastic, but it was still pretty awesome to me. While my brother Mike had his Transformers, I had my Caboodle that transformed into my own personal salon, with a fuzzy mirror built in.

Back to my love of made up songs and jingles, with all of the Ker-Banger Caboodles talk I am now singing, “Caboodles on the left, Ker-Bangers on the right, Caboodles…Ker-Bangers…OUTTA SIGHT!” out loud, cracking myself up as my poor husband is trying to turn off the light and to go sleep. He does not remember either of these products.

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