Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Friday, I'm in love.

You know the giddy feeling you get when you are seeing someone new?

You go to bed thinking about them and you wake up thinking about them.
Everything is new, exciting, you love everything about them and you just feel overall…sparkly!

That is how I feel about my new boyfriend, Stardust Eye Shadow by Urban Decay.

Don’t feel bad for me because an eye shadow is my new obsession, because it is totally awesome and makes me feel like a million bucks.

I tried Stardust on at Sephora, admired it throughout the day, and was still thinking about it twenty four hours later. That’s the big test for my friend Laura and I – with clothes, shoes, and makeup. If you’re still thinking about something the next day, you should go back and buy it - unlike that dumb sweater that I bought from Anthropologie just because it was from Anthropologie that makes me look like a Holly-Hobbie-Poet. It cost me money that I didn’t have and I used my credit card to buy it. Now that stupid sweater hangs in my closet and mocks me every time I go in there, with its ruffly pink seventy-dollar sleeves and big buttons.

That was an unwise purchase – this however, was a wise one.

Glitter for everyday use you may ask? Why yes! This is like an explosion of prismatic sparkle along with a wash of color – not costume-y at all. Minuscule bits of sophisticated glitter give you sexy, twinkling lids. This ain’t your teenagers glitter; this is the R-rated adults only stuff.

Stardust comes in nine shades; I am in love with one called Diamond Dog, which is a chocolate brown shade with iridescent sparkle. I was going between that and a very pretty light shade called Bobby Dazzle, which has a lighter, vanilla-sparkle but the David Bowie reference sealed the deal.

I love this shadow because:

• It looks fantastic alone.
• It looks fantastic layered with other shadows.

So fall in love like I did, treat yourself to some icy, glistening, eyelids. This eye shadow will not mock you in the morning, I promise you.

Quit mocking me, Hobbie.

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