Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ghosts of Halloweens past.

Halloween is my Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong - I love Santa Claus as much as the next girl, but there is something extra special to me about Halloween.

Growing up in Ossining, New York our house was aglow with orange the month of October. My mom went all out for every holiday – making them all special, and Halloween was one of the most special times of the year, for many reasons:

• My dad loved horror movies and had my brother and I both watching them way before we should have been. I remember watching Creature Feature hosted by Dr. Paul Bearer on channel 32 with him when I was little. Paul was like Elvira, except with creepy eyes instead of big hair and giant boobs.

He would host bad b-movies on Saturday afternoons and Dad and I would veg out on the sofa watching The Brain That Just Wouldn’t Die and Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster. This was quality time.

• It was a holiday that was not only for kids, but for adults too. My parents would have crazy Halloween parties in the basement (or “bar” as they liked to call it) of our house. The bar was right next to the laundry room, you could smell the Downy as you downed your Tom Collins. My parent’s friends would go all out, dressing up in incredible costumes. My mom would take a picture of each couple by the front door as they came in. I remember sitting on the stairs and watching them parade in and pose to get their pictures taken, like they all were going to some demented prom. I totally wished I was one of them and prayed that someday I would be as cool as them.

My parents cool, ghoul friends.

Those curtains were not put up for the holiday - they were year round...

• And finally, costumes and candy – hello…what is better than those two wonderful things? Some of my favorite costumes included:

Even back in the day, I was into make up - nice gypsy mole.

Favorite treats included:
     Milky Way
     Bazooka Gum
     Bottle Caps
     Pop Rocks
     Charleston Chew

My parents love of costume parties, all things orange and black, and horror movies helped shaped who I am today. My house is now aglow starting on October first and we have costume parties every year. My kids are Halloween fanatics and start planning their costumes in July. I have raised them up right.

The guy in the Devil costume would also dress up like Baby New Year at my parents New Years Eve parties.


  1. loved that blog today have a spooktakular time on the 31st

  2. Lo, it's Laura - these pics are AWESOME. Okay, the one w/the crayon and the Darth Vader - was that guy a giant or something? Is he standing on a stack of boxes? WHY IS HE SO HUGE?

  3. Laura - he is seriously that tall. He is also the one dressed as a vampire (I have two separate years going on here.) Bill is like seven feet tall - no boxes involved - my dad & he are still friends today. Did you notice Bonnie as the bag of jelly beans?

  4. I thought that was Bonnie - so cute!!! And seven feet tall - that is impressive!!!!

  5. Hey babe. It's Amy. I totally thought that was Bon Bon too but couldn't figure out what she was! So now I know where you get the love of Halloween from! Love the pics!!!!

  6. I think of you and your family every October.