Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You must be my lucky star.

Holy Moly was I into Madonna.

Seriously into Madonna, not just the music, but the whole Madonna lifestyle.

The clothes, the big bow in my hair, the fake sexy mole and for the love of God - the accessories.

Here are some Madonna-inspired accessories I remember – I still own most of this stuff stashed in a bag under my bathroom sink:

• Gummy bracelets up the wazoo.
• Giant black star earrings.
• Fishnet stockings.
• Crucifixes, crucifixes, crucifixes.
• Black lace gloves (sometimes would wear one, sometimes both depending on my mood).

I keep this stuff around, just in case.

I am certain this made my parents lose a little piece of their minds, considering that their daughter was dressing extremely “mature” for a thirteen-year-old.

When I would come down for school in the morning in a tank top covered up with my father’s shirt that I had torn the sleeves off of and knotted daisy duke style, a skirt with leggings and little booties my mother would take one look at me and send me marching back upstairs to my room to change.

No worries though, I just shoved my Madonna-costume into a paper bag and changed in the back of the bus while my friend Stacy held her Members Only jacket up so no boys could see. That’s what friends are for.

So lace was a big part of the whole look, from the aforementioned gloves, to black lace shirts over tank tops (or over black bras…classy), to black lace stockings I was all about the lace.

Today I am not so much into the lace clothing, well, maybe a sassy lace camisole here and there, as I am into the “lace” body lotion.

Victoria’s Secret Garden Vanilla Lace Hydrating Body Lotion is a mainstay on my bathroom window sill. It is one of their best-sellers for a reason, I have been wearing it for years. Rich, and dare I say sensual? That is the word that comes to mind when I smell this lotion. Vanilla, orchid, amber and musk make up this hydrating yummy bottle of goodness. This isn’t your grandma’s vanilla, unless you have a super-sexy grandma.

Okay - get that image out of my head.

I’m not usually into the “mall store” scents, like from Bath and Body Works or The Body Shop, too overpowering, too flowery. But this one is an exception for sure, and one I keep coming back to.

It’s one of the few items I go into Victoria’s Secret for, with their unacceptable over-use of the word “panties” and all…

Kind of like changing on the bus, I’m still into the groove and causing a commotion - minus the armful of gummy bracelets.

Shine your heavenly body tonight.

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  1. When I read this it took me back as I used to wear Vanilla Lace all the time. Didn't know they still had it. I will pick me up some yummy goodness for sure:o)