Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Twizzlers or red vines?

I never knew a war existed between these two licorice brands until I was living in the dorms at college, standing in front of the vending machine at 3:00 a.m. with a friend in search of a late night snack. Because that was necessary.

Twizzlers and Red Vines were right next to each other in the machine, apparently duking it out when nobody was looking.

I put my change in the machine and as always, plugged in C3 for my pack of Twizzlers, which sent my friend into a rant on why Red Vines were the superior choice. We sat on the couch in the rec-room and chewed and chewed our strawberry goodness. We debated back and forth for an hour or so - she tried mine and I tried hers, but there was still no question in our minds as to which one was better. I guess it’s one of those Coke vs. Pepsi (Coke) or Yankees vs. Mets (duh – Yankees) arguments that has no real right or wrong.

Black licorice, however, that’s a whole different story. As a kid, my palate was not sophisticated enough to appreciate it, so I stuck to the bright red stuff. Good ‘n Plenty was gross ‘n nasty to me back then - but not anymore.

Yummy, strong yet soft, chewy black licorice? Yum, yes please.

I was in the market for a new perfume and I wanted to try something different, something shall we say less…typical. Oh, you know what I’m talking about, something that didn’t smell like it may have started out as cake batter.

I wandered over to the Jo Malone counter and began to experiment with their layering scents - Orange Blossom, Lime Basil and Mandarin, Nutmeg and Ginger, okay, so far I wasn’t doing too good at staying out of the kitchen. Then I spotted something that sounded super delicious – Vanilla and Anise - Vanilla from Madagascar mixed with the rich, delicious, licorice-y anise scent.

Again, Yum, YES PLEASE.

Vanilla and Anise Cologne by Jo Malone is light, pretty, and kind of un-cookie like. It is weird for me to even say I enjoy this vanilla perfume, with its not-so-fresh-from-the-oven scent. It’s more of a true perfume scent. Pretty…warm…sexy!

Anise makes me think of black licorice, Ouzo (more college memories), Sambucca, and those Anisette Sponge Cookies that Stella D’oro makes that I long for but can’t get here on the west coast. Soft and lightly sweet, and kissed with that hint of anisette flavor.

Maybe that’s why I love this Jo Malone scent so much - it’s also soft, lightly sweet, and kissed with that hint of anisette flavor.

Whew - so maybe I do smell like a cookie! Just a fancier, more expensive cookie. I feel better knowing that.

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  1. REDVINES in my opinion. and because of your perfume description, you've made me hungry. thanks a lot. ;)